Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.28.10

Snake River Fly fishing on the Snake has been very good since our last report.  The Goldens have made their way upstream and can still be found between Pacific Creek and Moose.  PMD and Yellow Sallies hatches remain solid and keep the fish rising throughout the system.  Caddis have been important, especially early in the morning on our guided trips.  The nymphs of all three of these bugs have been the droppers (2′) under bugs like the #10 Chubby Chernobyl or Melon Belly. Check out this nice 18″ brown trout (rare for the Snake) that Aaron Hollern caught on a recent trip…

Snake River brown trout

Aaron Hollern and guide Tim Smith celebrate a nice 18" brown trout from the lower Snake.

  Backcountry All of our backcountry creeks are in fne shape currently.  On a couple of them, the water temperaures on the lower end of the creek are high enough that some fish have dropped out of the system.  This means the upper reaches are the place to be!  The farther you go the better it is…. On our larger creeks, the water level have dropped and the bigger cutthroat are still easily found.  These creeks will be in prime fly fishing shape for the next month or so.  I had a great day with Allison and John Pacifico recently. These two “city slickers” were new to fly fishing and had never been in a designated wilderness before.  So beyond the Wilderness boundary we went and caught over two dozen fish! #12 Yellow PMX’s and Humpies were the ticket on this day, but we will be looking for hoppers soon. 
Hiking in the Jackson Hole backcountry

Allison and John Pacifico cross a beaver dam on the way to the promised land.

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.26.10

It has been awhile since we wrote a report on  the fly fishing conditions on the Green and we apologize!  The river has fished well with some large trout being caught, especially on nymphs.  Flows are finally steady around 600 cfs, which makes the fishing a bit more challenging.  Dry flies must be fished tight to structure and banks, with emphasis on tight!  As flows recede, this will increase your chances of hooking into a 20″+ trout.  As temperatures continue to get warmer, the best surface fishing window is shorter, beginning by 8am and ending at the latest by 1pm. Large atttractors are still working, as well as Gray Drake, Yellow Sally, and PMD  imitations. Cripples and Emerger patterns will fool those picky browns in slower water along the banks and in riffles.  Streamers are best in the early mornings during low light conditions.  Best Flies:  #8-10 Melon Bellies,   #8-12 Olive Water Walkers, #8-12 Red Willie’s Ant, #16 Yellow Stimulator, #12 Quad Quill Drake, #12 Drake Spinners, #16-18 Pablo’s Cripple PMD, #6 JJ’s Special, #6 Olive Silvey’s Sculpin

South Fork Fly Fishing Report 7.26.10

Fly fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River is very good currently.  For the most part the Salmonfly hatch was a bust this year.  Fluctuating high water flows hindered the adults, but the nymph fishing remains strong.  Golden Stones, Caddis, PMD’s, and Yellow Sallies  have filled the void nicely. The canyon sections are fishing the best for surface activity.  Golden Stones and large Prairie caddis imitations get the fishing going in the morning and are great bank flies. Streamers are also an excellent way to hook large trout early in the day.  Riffle action gets going by 11am and is an exciting game to play!  Sulfurs, Pink Albert PMD’ s, and Red Butt Yellow Sallies, and Mahoganies have the fish feeding hungrily and bring up all sizes and varieties of trout. The average sized fish is pictured below. The Upper section in Swan Valley has fished, mostly on nymph rigs, but dry fly activity is picking up daily.  The best fishing has been in the riffles, along eddy lines, and shallow seams.  Look for this to improve as the week progresses. Best Flies:  #8-10 Chubby Chernobyl, #8-10 Melon Bellies, #16 Yellow Stimmies, #12 CDC Caddis, #16-18 Pink Para Cripples, #6-8 Pat’s Rubberlgs, #16-18 Rainbow Warriors, #6 Olive Silvey’s Sculpin

South Fork of the Snake River

Smokey the Bear holds a nice riffle cutthroat from the South Fork.

Wyoming Mussel Program going well

Response has been good to the new effort to try and prevent the spread of Quagga and Zebra Mussels.  Keep up the good work! Check out this article from the Billings Gazette about the traditional start of the fishing season.

WY Game and Fish asking for AIS input

The Wyoming Game and Fish department is asking the public for comments on its draft Aquatic Invasive Species Management program. Deadline is July 30, 2010. Fish the Fly hopes that all Wyoming fly fishermen will participate!

Fish Creek Fly Fishing Report 7.19.10

Fish Creek in the Jackson Hole valley is fly fishing very well!  The upper end of the creek between Wilson and Teton Village has seen many trophy cutthroat move into it and take up lies. Fish are not in every hole, so it is necessary to keep moving until you find them.  PMD hatches are getting started around 10am and fish will stack up into the best feeding lanes.  Imagine 8-10 Snake River Cutts 18-22″ feeding simaltaneously in one hole…. Golden Stones, Caddis, and Yellow Sallies keep the fish looking up after the PMD hatch ends around1:30pm.  Cast flies tight to the banks to get these wary cutthroat to eat!  Best Flies:#16-18 Lawson’s PMD Cripple, #16 CDC PMD Sparkle Dun, #16-18 Thorax PMD, #16-18 Elk Hair Caddis, #8 Water Walker Golden, #14-16 Yellow Stimmie

Flyfishing Fish Creek

Rick Johnson with a hefty fish on during a recent PMD hatch.

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 7.19.10

Now is a great time to be exploring the smaller waters of Yellowstone Park! Creeks such as Nez Perce, the Little Firehole, Grayling, Obsidian and Indian are all fly fishing well.  Try some PMD, Caddis, and attractor patterns and watch the fish crash your fly.  Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery and solitude! The Yellowstone River opened to angling last week and if you stalk the banks you will find large cutthroat rising to Golden Stones, Caddis, Green Drakes, and PMD’s. Our thoughts go out to the family of 65 year old Frank Jaszcz who lost his footing while fishing here last Thursday and drowned. The Gallatin River is fishing well from 10am until dark right now.  The fish are all over Caddis, PMD’s, Green Drakes, and Flavs.  This is a great place to wet a line if you’re on your way to Bozeman….

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.12.10

After a very wet spring that seemed like it would never end, we have finally reached the summer fly fishing season!  All the local Jackson Hole streams and rivers have finally subsided and cleared and are fishing well.  Backcountry Creeks There are numerous small creeks worth of  fly fishing in the Jackson Hole area.  These are the first fishable waters besides any lakes in the area after runoff.  These creeks require some effort to get to, but are well worth it!  The fly fishing on these creeks really took off last week and cutthroat began eating dry flies off the surface.  Best flies were #12 Parachute Adams, #12 Yellow PMX, #14 Yellow Humpy, #10-12 Yellow Turck’s Tarantula. Fish in these creeks average 8-12″ with some “surprises” to 18″.  Rarely you see another angler…. Snake River Fly fishing on the lower Snake River turned on last week as well, although spin fishing produced the highest numbers of fish.   Below South Park Bridge is the place to be floating currently.  Cutthroat can be found in the riffles on inside turns, in the side channels, and in any back eddies.  Best flies have been #8-12 Chubby Chernobyls, #10-12 Parachute Adams,  #10-12 Flashback PT’s, #8-12 Rubberlegs, and flashy Caddis or Yellow Sally nymphs. The BuRec has said they will not work on Jackson Lake Dam this fall and won’t have to run higher than average releases this summer to do so. Flows out of the dam are at 2370 cfs and will be held around 2000 cfs for the summer.  This should mean for great flyfishing all summer long!

Backcountry creek fly fishing

Phil Smaldino enjoys his backcountry creek experience.

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.12.10

The Green River has come back around after a brief increase in flows from snow melt.  A few late storms dropped up to 5 feet of snow in the Wind River Range high country which resulted in a second runoff period for about a week and a half.  Flows are bumping up again due to recent rain showers to around 1200 cfs.  The fly fishing has been pretty stellar with reports of brown trout up to 26″ taken recently.  Nymphing has been the most productive with #8-10 Yuk Bugs, #10-12 CDC PT’s, #14-16 Sparkle Pupas, and Yellow Sally nymphs.  The Gray Drake hatch is on,  but more whitefish than trout have been eating them off the surface.  Look for this to change in the next week as flows level out.  Some trout are eating the Golden Stone and Yellow Sallies dries and will continue to do so.    PMD’ are showing as well…

Fly fishing the Green Rver

Mike Sargent and nice Green River brown trout.