Jackson Hole, WY Winter Fly Fishing Special

The fly fishing on the Snake River in Jackson Hole during the winter can be pretty good on our warmer afternoons. By warm we mean near or above freezing. On these days, we’ll forgo sunbathing for a little fishing! 🙂 If you’re looking for a break from the skiing, this is a great way to get some solitude on the river.

Winter fly fishing Jackson Hole

We supply all your fishing gear, snowshoes, extra layers, and hot drinks.

During the rest of January through the end of March, we are offering an afternoon half day winter fishing trip on the Snake River for one or two anglers for $225.  This involves snowshoeing in to the river and fly fishing the deeper runs during the warmest part of the day.  Typically this is nymph or streamer fishing, but there is a chance that some adult Midges will pop and we can fish dries to rising fish.  All gear is provided and we’ll pick you up, the only thing you’ll need is a Wyoming fishing license. Contact JB at 307-690-1139 to book a trip.
Snake River Cutthroat trout in winter

Slowly swung streamers can pick up some hungry fish.

South Fork of the Snake River Fly Fishing Report 1.23.11

Good fly fishing reports have been coming in from the South Fork of the Snake River recently in Swan Valley, ID.  Midges have been popping in good numbers on the warmer days where temperatures reach freezing and above.  Trout are rising to them between 2-4 pm.  Best flies are #20 Zelon Midges and Skittering Midges, #18-20 Griffith’s Gnats, and Black #18-20 Zebra Midges or Rainbow Warriors.  Flows out of Palisades Dam have been increased to 1900 cfs to make room for the upcoming spring runoff.  No boat ramps are open as of yet, wade fishing is still the best option. Stay tuned for more information.

The truth about Formula 409 and invasives

The Poorly Understood Story of Formula 409© A lot of anglers think they are doing the right thing by disinfecting their boots after every use. There are a variety of methods for disinfection that are spread by well meaning people who think they are passing on good advice. Probably the most repeated recommendation is to use Formula 401© to spray on all boot parts after each use. Unfortunately, the way that most anglers use Formula 409© to disinfect is not effective. Carrying a spray bottle and spraying fishing boots does not work to control invasives and has no beneficial effect at all. Yet, many believe and teach others that this is the best thing to do. The confusion about  Formula 409© comes from the misunderstanding of some scientific research which showed that it is possible to kill New Zealand mud snails with Formula 409©. See what the Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species has to say about cleaning fishing equipment.

Burbot invading Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Burbot populations in Flaming Gorge Reservoir are exploding according to recent testing done by Wyoming Game and Fish.  This fish was first found in the Big Sandy River in 2001 and has since spread to the Flaming Gorge and Fontenelle Reservoirs.  The Green River is susceptible to these fish as well… Two ice fishing derbies are being held in the next few weeks to help eradicte these fish and ling from these waters. The Burbot Bash is January 22-29 and the “Ding a Ling” event is February 4-6; both are being held on Flaming Gorge.  Burbot are susceptible to overfishing and these derbies are aimed to get the word out about these invasive fish. Plus they taste alot like Lobster! Read more about these ice fishing derbies .

Fish the Fly in the news

I had the opportunity to take Robert Bundy, Editor for the Third Coast Digest out of Milwaukee, out for an afternoon of fly fishing this past fall on the Snake River.  See what he has to say about his Jackson Hole fly fishing guide  and the rest of his trip to Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 1.10.11

It’s been awhile since our last Snake River fly fishing report, so we thought we’d catch you up.  The latter half of November was chilly and did produce some decent fishing days, especially in the afternoons with streamers.  Winter showed up in full force Thanksgiving week and slowed down the bite with below freezing temps and lots of snow.  There were a couple of days in mid December where temps reached 40 degrees and the fish were active once again.  Nymphing the #18 Red Copper John/Zebra Midge combo produced some nice cutthroat trout to 16″ on these days. The best fishing was south of the town of Jackson as it usually is during the winter months.    It’s been very snowy ever since and we are currently sitting at 116% of water content in our snowpack!  This bodes well for both bugs and fish this upcoming summer if this La Nina pattern continues.  We are looking forward to (read daydreaming about) this summer’s fishing!  We are currently booking guided fishing trips, so call now to reserve yours. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest on our fly fishing conditions. 

Snake River Cutthroat Trout

A mid winter's daydream!