Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.23.11

Fly fishing on the Snake River has been pretty much non-existent so far this summer due to high flows from snowmelt. River flows are dropping like a stone on all of our tributaries currently and we expect to be floating the Snake by Aug. 1st.  The BuRec has begun dropping flows out of Jackson Lake Dam and they are on their way to 2800 cfs for the remainder of the summer.  This is going to mean excellent fishing conditions and happy fish!

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.24.11

Green River 5lb rainbow

Steve Bodenheimer hoists a hog!

The Green River near Pinedale,WY has begun to fish with some consistency recently.  Flows are dropping fast and currently sit at 1760 cfs.  This is the first time this river has been below 2000 cfs in over a month!  All of this great news for fishing on this fine river.  Nymph rigs are the name of the game with Rubberlegs, San Juan Worms, flashback PT’s, and Prince Nymphs producing some nice trout.  The fish here are fat and happy! There are numerous bugs hatching currently – Gray Drakes, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, and PMD’s.   Whitefish can be found feeding off the surface in some slow back eddies and soon the trout will join them!

South Fork of the Snake River Fly Fishing Report 7.24.11

The South Fork is showing some promise!  Flows are being reduced out of Palisades Dam from 26000 cfs recently on their way to 15000 cfs for the remainder of the summer.Currently they sit at 19,500 cfs.   Guides are catching fish in the side channels and slow back eddies on nymph rigs fished deep.  Rubberlegs, San Juan Worms, Lightening Bugs, and small North Fork Specials have produced decent numbers of fish, a mix of both trout and whitefish. The trout in this great river will begin to come to the surface soon with lower flows.  We can’t wait!

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 7.15.11

Got Caddis?  Well, you should be fly fishing both the the Firehole and Madison Rivers in Yellowstone Park!  Evening caddis action on both these rivers has been great, from about 6pm until dark.  Midges are the morning ticket on the Firehole and then try adult Damsel Fly patterns through the day.  Yellow Sallies are hatching on the Madison, so be prepared with #16 Yellow Stimmies as well there.  Look for Gray Drakes around Talus Slide and Nine mile hole. These bugs have made for great fishing on the days they pop, typically with our afternoon thunderstorms recently. My favorite is the #12 Foam Gray Drake Spinner, for the bigger, pickier fish.

Matthew Foster casts on the Madison River.

Don’t forget off the beaten path places like Grebe Lake!  This lake holds beautiful Grayling and Rainbows that love to eat Damsel Fly nymphs and adults….

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 6.30.11

Sight fishing for big browns is great on Lewis Lake after ice-out.

Summer is here in Yellowstone country! We are psyched to see it, no more whining from us about the weather! The Firehole continues to fish well during evening caddis hatches.  This is a great time to be on the river as crowds are typically less and the fish are rising to White Miller imitations and soft hackles.  Don’t forget to have a #20 Black Caddis as well!  This has saved many an evening through the years. The upper river is seeing PMD’s and a few Baetis above Old Faithful and don’t forget about the Little Firehole… The Madison in the Park is also  fly fishing well during evening caddis events.  Cream colored imitations like X2 Caddis  have produced well up and down the river.  PMD’s and Gray Drakes are showing mid-day, and don’t forget the morning spinner falls from 9am-noon.   Look for Salmonflies to still bring up a few fish around Riverside and 11 mile run. Lewis Lake has slowed down with our summer high pressure, but action can be good on cloudy days and in the evenings for Calliebaetis and a few Caddis.  Look to other streams and lakes for more consistent action.

Wildlife viewing has been awesome lately!

Snake River Fishing Report 7.4.11

Happy July 4th! The Upper Snake River in Jackson Hole is still cranking, but the good news is that it appears to have peaked at 26,000 cfs above Alpine and will begin to recede.  We expect to begin running trips on the Snake by August 1st.  Flows will be high, but the fish will be hungry! The South Fork of the Snake in Idaho has produced a few fish, especially on the upper stretch in Swan Valley.  The riffle at Palisades Creek and side channels below Irwin are holding fish.  Lightening Bugs, San Juan Worms, and Stonefly nymphs are the best bugs at the moment. Both Jackson Lake and Palisades Reservoir are full and the BuRec plans to release water to make room for the last bit of runoff.  The good news is that clarity on both of these rivers below their respective dams should be good and fishing should improve.

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.8.11

Fly fishing on the Green River near Pinedale is still a bit slow with flows hovering around 3500 cfs.  This is huge for the Green! Water clarity is marginal, but it does look like flows are starting to drop.  Fishing will likely improve fairly quickly as this happens, as the fish in this river, especially brown trout, will eat nymphs and worms readily in off color water.  Bring it!