Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 3.17.12

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It has been warm for Jackson Hole lately – temps in the mid 40’s all week has really given our fishing boost!  Midges are everywhere along the Snake River, from Moose down to the Elbow boat ramp.  Snow is melting daily from the edges of the river, making access easier by the day.  We are still running our Winter wade fishing trips with success. There is some surface activity in the later afternoons after 2pm, but nymphing and slowly swinging streamers has been the most consistent.  Action is coming from the slow water at the ends of runs and slower riffle seams, especially in side channels. Best flies: #6 Black or Olive Zonker, #18-20 Black Zebra Midge, #14-18 Prince Nymphs, #16-20 Furimsky’s BDE’s – Black

Fish on!

Warm weather is making for great fishing!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report 3.25.12

This is the warmest March weather since 2007!  The past 4 days have been in the mid-50’s and the fishing has been phenomenal! Moose, Wilson, South Park, and Astoria boat ramps are all now clear and we are floating the Snake daily. Check out our Spring fishing trip Special. With this warmer weather, the Cutthroat have started coming to the surface by 11am and continue to rise until dusk.  There are Whitefish also rising, so it pays to observe before making the cast.  Midges, BWO’s, and even a few March Browns and Skwalas are hatching.  We are seeing adult Cutthroat 14-20″ feeding voraciously! Check out some video of the recent fly fishing on the Snake River. Best Flies: #16-20 Black Furimsky’s BDE, #20 Zelon Midge, #BWO Comparadun, #12-14 March Brown Cripples, #12-18 Lightening Bug, #14-16 Prince Nymphs, #6 White Zonker

Chandler Minton loves dry fly fishing in March!

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 11.19.11

Fish on in the snow

Brooke Walles ties into a good one

Yellowstone Park closed to fishing on the 6th with snow falling and brown trout crushing streamers on the Lewis and Snake Rivers!  There were tons of wildlife out on the drive to and from, including a Gray Wolf… The Snake River here in Jackson, WY has continued to fish well in the late afternoons.  Snowstorms at the beginning of the month sparked some more BWO and Midge hatches after 2pm.  The streamer bite has been decent too on the warmest days, but will wane as air temperatures drop.  Access is limited to wade fishing certain holes.  Try south of town where air temperatures are slightly warmer than in town. This is a great excuse to get out of the house before our skiing season really kicks in…
Brownie in the net

Fall run Brown trout

WY wolf

Now where did those elk go?

Merry Christmas!

Fishing has really slowed due to cold weather in the Jackson valley.  Ski season has started and for a bit we turn our attention to making turns.  Our snow pack is a little light at the moment, but it’s really early to make any sort of predictions.  Flows out of Jackson Lake Dam are at 500 cfs for the winter, which is great news for our trout and the bugs in the river. South Fork flows are at 3000 cfs out of Palisades.  Everything is pointing to a great season next summer!

Jackson Hole Fly fishing Report 1.15.12

Hope the New Year is treating you well!  We did receive some snow at the beginning of the month, which came wet and heavy so it stuck around and improved our skiing tremendously.  It also upped our water content in the snowpack.  The warmer temperatures made for good nymphing on the South Fork and I heard tales of trout rising to Midges lower in the system…. More snow expected next week, bring it on!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 2.22.12

I ran the first wade fishing trip of the year today with Paul Combe from Boston.  It’s been snowy all month and the skiing has been fantastic, so I’ve been on the hill and not on the Snake.  A relatively warm storm rolled in yesterday with good snowfall up high and a rain/sleet/snow mix here in the valley. I called Paul and made sure he wanted to still go fishing in the windy, wet weather and he told me it was his birthday.  So we went… I kept my expectations low as we pulled on our snowshoes and headed out from the Wilson Bridge. We walked for a bit and then hopped into the river.  There were a bunch of Gray Midges on the water and even a couple larger Black Midges as well. No signs of risers, but still encouraging! We nymphed a riffle/run for about an hour with no success.  I started to wonder what we were doing and thought “Well, at least we’re getting some good exercise…”  We each had a swig of coffee to warm our insides from standing in the cold river and moved to the end of the run to see if any fish were in the trough against the bank. Sure enough we got into a few!  A few whitefish and then a couple of trout ate a #18 Black Zebra Midge. The last fish of the day turned out to be 19″! I assured Paul that was solid for this time of year and he grinned wide as he strapped his snowshoes back on…

Paul Combe February 19in

Happy Birthday Paul!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 10.17.11

The Fly Fishing on the Snake River in Jackson Hole has been awesome!  Our fall weather has set in with cool overnight temperatures and warm afternoons getting in to the 50’s.  This has the bug hatches going nuts starting about 12:30pm.  We’ve been using alot of BWO Cripples and Midge patterns in the riffles and October Caddis against the banks and structure while drifting.  Nymph droppers are doing well in some of the faster water. I floated Deadman’s-Moose today with Jeff and Kate McLaughlin and we crushed it.  Believe it or not, some Cutthroat were still eating Claasenia Stonefly patterns before noon.  Numerous trout 12-18″ were landed and we didn’t see another boat!

Fall fly fishing in Jackson Hole

Hard to beat fall fishing on the Snake River!