Jackson Hole Fly fishing report 7.29.12 – Snake River

The Snake River here in Jackson Hole continues to fish well. Alot of our guided fishing trips went there this week with good results.  Our Cutties are still eating Golden Stone adults patterns off the surface, along with Hoppers, ants and beetles, and a few Sallies.  PMD’s are present as well and should be for awhile yet. The best sections of the river right now are above the confluence of the Hoback River.  Below there the dry fly action has slowed, but nymphing remains solid.   Cased Caddis and Stonefly nymphs are picking up some nice trout…. Best Flies: #8 Water Walker, #10 Schroeder’s Para-Hopper, #14-16 Lime PMX, #14 Para Ants, #16 Royal Wulff, #6 Prince Nymph, #16 Red Copper Johns

Nat Geo show

Kirk Herbstreit fishes in front of a Bald Eagle eating a Cutthroat

Zak Herbstreit shows off a nice Cuttie

South Fork of the Snake River fishing report 7.27.12

The South Fork in Swan Valley, ID was a good place to be this past week.  The Golden Stoneflies were still bringing up nice trout on the Upper section and also in the Canyon.  Caddis were also very important and one of my go-to’s in the riffles.  There are PMD’s present and being eaten, but the riffles aren’t boiling like you might expect. Soon, very soon… Best Flies: #8 Water Walker, #10 Chubby Chernobyl, #12 Brown Elk Hair Caddis, #16 Lawson’s PMD Cripples, #14-16 Caddis pupa

Ray Arnold enjoys a nice Yellowstone Cutthroat

Jackson Hole Fly fishing report – Backcountry Creeks 7.20.12

Jackson Hole, WY backcountry trout

FTF guide Taylor Upton and Kathy Mininger are all smiles on a beautiful day

Wyoming is full of hidden streams that harbor great trout populations, especially native Cutthroat in the Jackson Hole area.  Now is the time to be fishing them!  Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, Caddis, and Grasshoppers are all on the menu and these fish are hungry. Our trips to some of these gems are producing great days currently.  A Yellow Stimulator might be the only fly you need for the whole day of catching fish. Hopper patterns are great to throw at deeper, faster holes to bring up the bigger trout…
Wading the Jackson Hole, WY backcountry

Lots of solitude to be had out here

Jackson Hole fly fishing report – Snake River 7.16.12

The Snake has been fishing very well this past week!  We’ve been floating mostly south of the town of Jackson to great success.  Lots of very healthy small to medium sized fish and our larger Cutthroats are starting to show.  Still plenty of bugs – Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, Caddis, and a few Pink Albert’s.  We’re targeting riffles and slower bank water and the bigger fish are holding along bank structure. On cooler mornings, we’ve been throwing some nymph rigs or streamers until the trout start looking up, usually by 10am. Best Flies: #14-16 Yellow Stimulator, #8-10 Fat Albert’s in tan, red, and yellow, #16 Lawson’s PMD, #14-16 Emergent Sparkle Pupa, #6  JJ’s Special

Barry Zinski checking one off the bucket list

This 17" SRC ate a Golden Stone off the surface

Green River fly fishing report 7.15.12

The Green River is dropping quickly and if you haven’t been here lately, go!  The Grey Drake hatch is dwindling below Warren Bridge and is a little stronger above it.  Yellow Sallies are flying still and there also a few PMD’s.  Get there early and throw streamers or, if dry flies are your thing, a #12 Grey Drake Spinner.  Large trout are still feeding in the morning hours, but fishing is slowing in the afternoons with our heat this past week.  The rain storms we’ve had the past few days are re-energizing this river and should help to keep it fishing well into next week. Best flies: #6 Zoo Cougar, #12 Grey Drake Spinners, #10-12 Pheasant Tails, #10-12 Para Adams

Compass West Outfitters Chris Guikema and a nice Green River rainbow

South Fork of the Snake River fly fishing report 7.8.12

The South Fork of the Snake really picked up with some clouds and weather this weekend.  Reports are good from the Canyon, where the trout are up eating Salmonfly adults and Yellow Sallies.  There are also good numbers of PMD’s flying, especially in Section #3 below Cottonwood.  Both riffles and banks are producing, so now is the time to get to the South Fork! We expect that the dry fly fishing will only improve for the next month, with fish eating off the surface all day and not just in the afternoons. Best Flies:  #6 Salmonfly Adults, #14-16 Yellow Stimulator, #16 Pink Film Critic, #14-16 Tim’s Pink Sally, #6 Water Walker Golden

Sue Haun loves catching brown trout on dries!

Salmonflies anyone? Mike Albiniak and a nice brown

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.6.12

Backcountry Creeks Tributaries to the Snake, Hoback, and Gros Ventre Rivers are all fishing well currently.  Flows have dropped and these creeks are clear.  We have been running trips to some of these with great success and 30-40 fish days are not uncommon.  Most of the trout are on the smaller side, 8-12″, but the average size does seem to have increased and the trout are fat and happy.  This is most likely due to our record high flows of last summer and a relatively mild winter. Clients have caught some nice surprises up to 17″ recently. Hatches of Golden Stones, Calliebaetis, Yellow Sallies, and PMD’s have these Cutthroat feeding off the surface with abandon! Best Bugs: #8-10 Chubby Chernobyl, #12-14 Parachute Adams, #14-16 Yellow PMX, #14-16 Yellow Humpy

Anthony DeMarco enjoys the backcountry

Fly fishing report Jackson Hole – Snake River 7.6.12

The Snake River here  in Jackson Hole, has begun to fish with dry flies.  Flows have been reduced out of Jackson Lake Dam to 2500 cfs for the summer and all of the tributaries are dropping.  Cutthroat are feeding in the shallow water on the edges of long runs and slower side channels.  Hatches have been intense with Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Green Drakes, Caddis, PMD’s all happening right now.  The fish aren’t very picky nor are they huge, but the action is as consistent as it gets.  Trout to 16″ are being landed and they are very healthy.  We’ve been enjoying teaching alot of kids how to fly fish lately! Best Flies: #8-10 Water Walker, #14-16 Yellow Stimulator, #1o Green Para Drake, #10-12 Parachute Adams

snake river july

Sam Hoff and FTF owner Jason Balogh enjoy a Cutthroat

Green River fly fishing report 7.1.12

The Green River is a fishing great! Flows are on a consistent drop after fluctuating a bit for a few weeks.  The streamer bite is on early, so get up and go!  Golden Stones, Grey Drakes, Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, and a few Caddis are all flying and the trout are taking notice.  With our hotter weather, the fishing is slowing down by 3pm.  Root for a few rain showers that are predicted at the end of this week, this will make for a phenomenal Grey Drake hatch. Best Flies: #10-12 Parachute Adams, #10-12 CDC Pheasant Tails, #16 PMD Cripples, #10 Red Chubby Chernobyl, #6 Black Leech