Fly fishing report Jackson Hole – Snake River 8.25.12

The Snake River continues to give up good sized trout to anglers fishing Claasennia stonefly, Ants/beetles, and either Mahogany Duns or Hecuba mayflies.  Overall our Cutthroat are pickier, so stick with these patterns and you’ll be smiling.  With the big bugs crawling, this opens up all water types to fish including faster banks, riffles, and seams.  Side channels have produced some nice Cutties lately, both remove the big bugs and think smaller.  I’ve been fishing #12 Carpenter Ant patterns with success to large Cutthroat holding along bank structure. We’ve started running fishing trips on the whitewater section of the Snake below West Table!  Our new raft has opened this up for us to offer to our clients.  There is great dry fly fishing in this section, along with streamers.  Nymph rigs are a good bet as well.  In these faster currents, mending is critical!  If you can get this done properly, you will catch nice fish…

Gorgeous Cutthroat trout!

The whitewater section of the Snake has some very fishable water

Snke River whitewater guide

Meet our whitewater specialist Chris Towles

South Fork of the Snake fly fishing report 8.19.12

Dry fly fishing on the South Fork has been hit or miss on the whole system lately. Flows out of Palisades Dam remain high at 12,500 cfs and water temps are 64 degrees at Irwin.  There are plenty of Caddis about making early morning and evenings good times to be throwing dries.  Large Hopper and Mutant Stone patterns tucked close to the banks have produced, so make sure you get it within 6 inches! A Super Renegade plopped near overhead cover and stripped slowly will produce as well.. Your best bet for the most consistent fishing is nymphing, both in the riffles and along any seams,  Drop your first nymph 4-5 ft and the second 18″ below that. Sounds shallow, but it’s plenty deep.  Try Stoneflies with Caddis Pupa, Copper Johns, and Zebra Midges as droppers.  Stick with it and you will produce good results!

Mike Arbige ties into a good one at the mouth of the Canyon.

Jackson Hole Fly fishing report 8.12.12- Snake River

Stoneflies!!  Our fall mutant stonefly has shown a little earlier this year than in the past few.  This has helped rejuvenate the fishing on the Snake River below Hoback and has produced some really nice trout.  Cutthroat have been eating these starting early in the morning through the day, despite warming water temperatures. Caddis, PMD’s, and all sorts of terrestrials are also on the menu and the streamer bite is pretty good too.  Shouldn’t you be here? Best Flies: #10 Purple Chubby Chernobyl, #8-10 September Stone, Your favorite Tan Stonefly, #12-16 PMD Cripples, #14-16 Black Ant, #6 Tan Silvey’s Sculpin

WY Senator Enzi

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi enjoys his one day of fishing for the year

Jackson Hole Backcountry creeks 8.3.12

We’ve had good success fishing our backcountry creeks lately.  A few of these creeks are too warm to fish, so we’ve been focusing on our larger creeks with better water temperatures.  Hoppers, caddis, and still some Yellow Sallies have kept the Cutthroat coming to the surface.  Afternoon showers have sparked some PMD hatches as well.  This month will be a great time to out in the hills enjoying summer!

Excellent scenery!