Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report 12.22.12

A few of our fishing guides have been out hunting ducks on the Snake the past few weeks, and have brought back reports of rising trout in the afternoons.  The best spot has been at the very end of the back eddy where it rejoins the main current. Midges are the main fare on the menu as water temperatures are too cold for BWO’s at this point. The warmest part of the day, 1-3pm is the best time to be there… This past week brought the valley temperatures that we typically associate with late December.  Morning lows were reaching -10 degrees and highs only reaching 10 degrees above zero! Snow is predicted for the next few days and this brings with it warmer temperatures closer to 30 degrees.  Should make for a white Christmas and great skiing!

Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited meeting 12.11.12

Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited

The Jackson Hole chapter of Trout Unlimited met last night to hear a presentation on the latest improvements for Flat Creek.  Ryan Collier of Biota Research and Consulting spoke about improvements to be made over the next 3 years to the tune of $300,000. JH TU was involved in bank stabilization projects and an effort to increase stream velocity back in the 80’s.  The construction of the South Park ditch in the 60’s for irrigation purposes had left an inordinate amount of sediment in the stream that was slowing and widening the creek.  “You couldn’t go to Flat Creek without losing a set of hip waders back then”, stated Paul Bruun. The improvements from the 80’s served to move alot of sediment down through the Snake River system, but needed to be updated as bank tree revetments were no longer useful.  Longer riffles are needed to slow the Creek and reduce bank scouring from the increased velocities.  The National Elk Refuge is considering keeping winter Elk feeding from certain sections of the creek to promote Willow regrowth. Thousands of wintering Elk currently keep the native Willows from growing to more than a couple of inches in height. Also, Brook and Brown trout are taking up lies that won’t hold Snake River Cutthroat. WY Game and Fish removes these non-native trout via creek shocking every fall. Flat Creek is known to hold the largest Cutthroat in the valley already and is popular with dry fly enthusiasts for it’s challenging fly fishing.  Combine these efforts with those of the Teton County Conservation District to remove winter Frazil Ice and the recent removal of tons of sediment from behind the Rustic Inn, and the future looks bright for Flat Creek!

Jackson Hole fishing report – Snake River 12.10.12

Bam! Winter showed up this past week, with overnight temperatures dropping below zero on Saturday night.  Along with it came great snow and good powder skiing with all the snow we received. Snow pack water content is at 121% of average currently.  What a change from the long, dry summer we experienced.  This is welcome news as it will bode well for the trout next summer! The fishing has slowed a bit, especially the dry fly bite that extended into December this year. Nymphing is the name of the game for awhile, with riffles being a good choice.  Try #18-20 Black/Red/Brown Zebra Midges, #18-20 Rainbow Warriors, #20 Muskrat Midges, or small PT’s. Look for the warmest part of the day for the most activity…

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing – Guide Report 12.1.12

One of our fishing guides, Will Pierce, was out on the water this past week and sent us the following report –

Thursday, November 29th
The fly fishing was good in the 11am-3pm time range, the fish were in pods in the still pools on the sides of faster water.  I caught a handful of fish on a #10 black/tan wooly bugger and saw a number of fish rising to tiny midges hatching on the water.  Too bad I had only brought streamers with me! Soft, deep pools have trout stacked up in them right now, and even though the fish are a little slow on the streamer take they still are eager to feed with the warmer temperatures we’ve had lately!
Friday, November 30th
The weather was a little cooler and the rain kept up throughout the morning and into the afternoon, but the trout were feeding none the less!  This time I had my dry flies and with the help of a #20 BWO Cripple, I was able to land a handful of Cutties in the 12 to 14 inch range.  These trout were feeding in slower water, which made the fly/take easier to see.  Towards the end of the day I switched to an all black streamer and landed a nice 15 inch Brookie!

Best Flies: #20 BWO Sparkle Dun, #20 Zelon Midge, #6 Black Leech, #18-20 PT’s, #18-20 Black or Red Zebra Midge