Fly Fishing report – Jackson Hole backcountry 6.27.13

Our JH backcountry creeks have really taken off!  Hatches of Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis have our native Cutthroat chowing down.  These trout are eating off the surface with abandon from mid-morning on. So grab a rod, your wading boots and go find some solitude!

Green Drake

Freshly hatched Green Drake from a Jackson Hole backcountry creek

Jackson Hole backcountry trout

A gorgeous Yellowstone Cutthroat from one of our creeks

South Fork of the Snake Fly Fishing report 6.24.13

Salmonflies!! The big bugs are here and starting to make their way up the river from Lorenzo.  Trout have been eating both Salmonfly dries and nymphs well in Section #4, Byington-Lorenzo, in the mornings.  Around noon, they turn their attention to the prolific Green Drake hatch that is happening and the riffles are on fire! This action continues to about 4pm and then slows until later in the evening. The Lower Canyon might even be better at the moment with the same bugs popping, but with less pressure. The Upper is showing promise with a good PMD hatch in the afternoons.  Now is the time to fish the South Fork!

South Fork Brown trout

Salmonflies are bringing up gorgeous trout like this Brown

Green River Fly Fishing report 6.22.13 – Pinedale, WY

Flows are dropping like a stone on the Green River near Pinedale.  We’ve gone from around 2000 cfs a little over a week ago to 930 cfs this morning.  This means dry fly action!! Trout on the Green are still looking for Golden Stones, combined with Caddis, and some PMD’s. I’m a big fan of a Stonefly attractor or Cinnamon Sedge up top and dropping one of a variety of nymphs 2′ below. CDC PT’s, Caddis Sparkle Pupa, Iron Sallies, or PMD Soft Hackles are all good bets underneath.  The streamer bite is on, both early and late in the day and is the best way to get into some truly large fish.

Green River Rainbow trout

Randy Smith and a 20" Rainbow from the Green River

Yellowstone fly fishing report 6.18.13

Fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park is well underway!  With warm Spring temperatures this year, all of Yellowstone’s waters have started to fish earlier than normal this year… Firehole, Gibbon, Madison Rivers – These three rivers are the main attraction in May/June in Yellowstone.  The Firehole is seeing epic Caddis hatches currently – White Miller, Glossosoma, Hydropsyche, etc.  The action starts around 8am below Midway Geyser Basin. Larger #16 PMD’s pop around 10am combined with a Spinner fall and keep the action going.  There are also a few Damselflies, and Craneflies beginning… The Gibbon River has a good Stonefly hatch, both Goldens and Salmonflies,  in its canyon below the falls and has been fun fishing for those in the know.  Look for Green Drakes in the meadow above Madison Junction. The Madison has been fun with PMD Spinner falls from 8-11am for some larger Browns and Rainbows. Evening Caddis are a blast and have all the trout in this river feeding from 7pm until dark. The Lewis Lake complex is fishing very well for large Browns and Mackinaw 16-24″.  The Brown Drake hatch is happening all over the lake and the Browns are psyched! Get there early to take advantage of cruising fish feeding off the surface.  When this action slows around noon, switch to a sinking line and leech pattern and work the shoals/dropoffs for Lake trout. Too much fun!

South Fork of the Snake fishing report – 6.13.13

The South Fork flows have leveled out at 12800 cfs and look to be right around there for the remainder of the summer.  The Bureau of Reclamation was not able to fill Palisades Reservoir, so water temperatures at Irwin are already at 52 degrees daily.  This bodes well for an early Salmonfly hatch, most likely in the next week or so. The water is a great green color that we love to see this time of year! Currently trout are gorging themselves on Stonefly nymphs and are sporting some large bellies, especially between Byington and Lorenzo. Some Yellow Sallies and a few Green Drakes are starting to show below Heise.  The Upper stretch continues to produce with Rubberlegs, Mysis Shrimp, and your favorite beadhead trailer. Game on!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report – 6.10.13

Here’s the latest on fly fishing conditions in Jackson Hole, WY – Backcountry creeks – these are all high and muddy with the exceptionally warm weather over the past five days.  I’m thinking this will peak this weekend and we will be able to start guiding on these creeks sometime next week. Soda Lake is a gem that continues to shine with large trophy Cutthroat being caught daily.  Expect to see a few folks, since this is one of the better games in town currently. Snake River – 7100 cfs at Moose and blown out currently. The Buffalo Fork is pumping in alot of mud and will continue to do so for the next week to ten days. We expect to be guiding here at the end of June. Jenny Lake in GTNP – we don’t run guided fishing trips here, but we love to fish it in June.  Why? Consistent action for Cutthroat  and Lake trout in the shallows.  Sight fishing to cruising trout over sandy bottoms with flying ant patterns or nymphs is a blast! If that isn’t happening, fishing small leech patterns or Clousers on a sinking line near the inlets is productive.

Josh McArtor and guide Josh Hanna enjoy a fattie from Soda Lake

Green River fly fishing report – 6.8.13

The Green River really fished well this week!  The Salmonflies popped on Tuesday and the trout crushed adult imitations for a few days before the river rose again due to runoff from warming temperatures.  Flows are now back up to 1040 cfs at Warren Bridge and clarity has gone down to a foot.  I don’t think that this runoff push will last for long as there isn’t much snow in the Wind River Range and it’s predicted to get into the 80’s the next couple of days… Best Flies: #6 Sunken Stone, #6 Willy’s Red Ant, #6 Chubby Chernobyl, #12 Red Copper John, #12 CDC PT, #12-16 Prince

Salmonflies on the Green!!

Dorian Ducker and FTF guide Will Pierce with a 22" Rainbow

Green River fly fishing report – Pinedale, WY 6.3.13

The Green River near Pinedale, WY is really turning on for the season! Our guides have been running fishing trips down there for the past few days with great success.  Nymphing and throwing streamers has been the name of the game, but we expect to see Salmonflies any day now…

green river pinedale wy

Hunter Frobouck gets it done on a rare day off

South Fork of the Snake River Fishing report – 6.2.13

Another early season success story is the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho. It has been fishing very well with nymphs and streamers.  Rubberlegs, San Juan Worms, Eggs, and a few Caddis Larva have put plenty of nice trout in the boat. The Upper river in Swan Valley and the Canyon both have fished well, which is a little early for this time of year. Flows are steady at 10,300 cfs currently and should remain so until they can fill Palisades Reservoir. This will be at least 10 days since it is currently sitting at 46% full. Filling this up will mean great things for the fishing over the course of this summer with cooler water temperatures for hatches through July…

Fly fishing is on for the South Fork!!

Green River Fly Fishing Report – 6.1.13

Typically the Green River is in full runoff at this time and we don’t fish it for at least another couple of weeks, but not this year.  Flows have dropped to 633 cfs today and the fly fishing has been great this past week.  We expect to see flows bump back up with some sunshine coming, but I don’t think it will blow out the river enough to make it unfishable. Nymphs and streamers have been the ticket – #8-10 Rubberlegs, San Juan Worms, #16-18 Bubbleback PT’s, #10-12 Cranefly Larva, Black Leeches, Silvey’s Sculpins, JJ’s Specials….. We are running guided fishing trips on the Green River daily, especially since this river may not fish very long this year.  Give us a call at 307-690-1139 to book your trip today!

FTF guide Will Pierce with a nice Green River Rainbow