Salt River fly fishing report 7.29.13

The Salt River between Thayne and Alpine WY has been a lot of fun lately! There are plenty of bugs to fish on the surface or below- Stoneflies, Hoppers, Caddis, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, and Craneflies. I like to use the hopper/dropper technique on this river since there are Cutthroat, Browns, and a few Rainbows here that all are looking for foods in different forms. Streamers are a good way to go on cloudy days, especially since the Palisades Reservoir is down to 24%. All of the trout that live in the Reservoir have to go somewhere!

Daniel and Mitch Meaders enjoy a double from the Salt River.

Jackson Hole Fly fishing report 7.24.13

Fly fishing here in the Jackson Hole valley has been pretty good lately.  The tributaries to the Snake like the Gros Ventre, Hoback, and Buffalo Rivers have been good places to be. Recent rains have blown these rivers out occasionally over the past couple of weeks, but overall this is a good thing for cooler water temperatures. There is good action on medium sized Hoppers, PMD’s, and Caddis. Our backcountry creeks have fished well too.  Rainstorms washed out a few of these, but it also helped the water temperatures and bug hatches.  Hoppers, Grey Drakes, PMD’s, Caddis, and some Yellow Sallies are bringing up some good sized trout! Action has been more mid-day and in to the afternoon as these creeks warm up…

Ray Jones Jr. holds a great backcountry Cutthroat

Fly Fishing report South Fork of the Snake River 7.23.13

The fly fishing on the South Fork of the Snake has slowed some recently from the heights of the Stonefly hatches, but it is still producing some good action. The Upper reach below Palisades Dam down to Conant and from Byington to Lorenzo have been the best this past week.  There is some surface action on the Upper with #8 Yellow CFO Ants, #10 Grand Hoppers, #12-14 Flying Ant patterns, and #14-16 EC Caddis.  This is best in the mornings and slows by noon, so get there early! Droppers for these big bugs about 2-3 feet down help keep the action going in the afternoons – #18-20 Bubbleback PMD Emergers, #14-18 Lightening Bugs, #14-16 Zug Bugs, #14 Tung Reckoning

Margaret Culbertson fishes a South Fork side channel riffle

Flows were dropped to 11,800 cfs today and expect them to keep dropping since inflow is still less than outflow…

Bill Overdyke gets it done on the Upper South Fork

Fly fishing report Jackson Hole 7.14.13

It’s been awhile since my last fishing report for the Jackson Hole area, so it’s time to catch you up… The best fishing in the Jackson Hole valley is taking place on our backcountry creeks.  These fish see light pressure and eat dry flies readily.  Recent Golden Stonefly hatches are pulling up Cutthroat trout up to 18″ to eat these big bugs. Water Walkers, Chubby Chernobyls, and Circus Peanuts are great flies for this action.  We’ve also been fishing #10-12 Yellow PMX’s for the Yellow Sallies, and #12 Parachute Adams for Grey Drakes.  A Yellow Stimulator seems to always to do well for either Sallies or Caddis… The Snake River is flowing at 6400 cfs at Moose currently.  This is a little high for this time of year and has slowed the dry fly fishing some.  Nymphs are pulling up the best fish south of the town of Jackson- Rubberlegs, Cased Caddis, Prince, and Copper Johns. Some smaller trout are eating dry flies, especially in slower water and side channels. The Snake River in GTNP is fishing better on dry flies than down lower. Stonefly patterns are bringing up nice Cutthroat even in the faster main stem. Side channels are still the best way to go with some smaller PMD or Yellow Sally patterns…

Vivian Hernandez holds a beauty from the lower Snake recently

Fly fishing report Green River 7.15.13

The Green River near Pinedale, WY has been on fire lately.  We thought this river might be too low to fish already, but recent rains have helped flows which are currently at 619 cfs.  Large trout have been eating off the surface daily starting at daybreak and lasting until about 2:30pm.  Golden Stones, Grey Drakes, Smaller Hoppers, Yellow Sallies, and PMD’s are all on the menu still.  Plenty of medium sized trout, especially Browns, are to be found, but keep your eyes open for larger trout holding very tight to any structure…. I don’t think this action will last past July on the Green this year, so get it while you can! Give us a call at 307-690-1139 to book your trip today.

Green River Rainbow trout

Another hog Rainbow from the Green River

Green River Brown trout

Gary Hernandez holds a nice Brown from the Green