Jackson Hole Fly Fishing- Guides Report 9.18.13

Summer time temperatures have lingered here in Jackson Hole until today.  We received alot of rain yesterday and overnight which has blown out the Snake River temporarily. We are expecting our first few frosts over the next few days, which will bring some changes to our fly fishing tactics…. The frosts will slow down the Terrestrial bite and bring on some more of our Fall Mayfly hatches.  We have still been seeing Tricos and PMD’s, but will now look for more Mahogany Duns, Hecubas, and BWO’s.  I was guiding on Fish Creek yesterday and saw my first October Caddis of the year as well. Our Snake River Cutthroat know that Winter isn’t too far off and will key in on these smaller bugs and try to fatten up.  Larger trout will begin to eat more Sculpins, so streamers should definitely be in your fly box! With each passing day we are getting closer to the drop to Winter flows on the Snake.  This will bring some insanely good dry fly fishing in October! We are also starting to think about Brown trout….

Still plenty of nice Cutthroat eating dry flies!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report 8.26.13

Sorry it’s been awhile since our last report, we’ve been busy!  The Snake River here in the valley is the place to be with solid dry fly action.  This is best in the mornings and into the early afternoon before it’s get too hot.  Grasshoppers, ants, beetles, Mutant Stones, PMD’s, and Caddis are all on the menu currently and our Cutthroat trout are psyched!

Combi family trip on the Snake

The Combis had a blast during their trip!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 9.2.13

We’ve had some afternoon rain showers since our last report, which means Hecubas popping! These larger Drakes hatch best from Astoria to West Table and in GTNP, but are effective patterns to fish in any stretch.  I like to use #10-12 Para Hare’s Ears and Adams, especially on cloudy, warm afternoons. This weather has also been good for other Mayfly species such as PMD’s and Mahoganies.  There are even good Caddis hatches still which have been fun in the mornings along with twitching Pink or Purple Chubby Chernobyls…

Great bug haches on the lower Snake River currently

Fly fishing report- Jackson Hole, WY 9.10.13

The Jackson Hole One took place this past weekend on all of the stretches of the Snake River. Cloudy, rainy weather produced solid hatches of our fall Drake, the Timpanoga Hecuba. This weather also blew out the Snake below Hoback and the Buffalo on Sunday. The Snake River in GTNP fished well on Saturday including the largest Cutthroat of the tournament, a 23″ SRC. On Sunday, the GTNP stretches did not fish nearly as well with muddy water, but the lower river was better as the Hoback cleared. Higher than average flows meant that larger flies like Hecubas, Claassenia Stoneflies, and streamers were the best producers.  There were a number of quality trout landed over 20″ this year both on the South Fork and WY Snake. Our Fall Fishing is going to be fantastic this year! Once flows are dropped at the end of September, all of these large trout will be eating off the surface with plenty of bugs to choose from.  We are really looking forward to this!!

Gorgeous 21" Snake River Cutthroat caught the day before the One Fly!