Green River Fly Fishing report 6.25.14

The Green River has fished well this week!  Fly fishing with nymph rigs has been the best game overall, but dry fly action has been solid in the afternoons.  Golden Stones, Grey Drakes, and some late season #16 BWO’s have been getting trout to the surface. Green River flows at Warren Bridge have bumped significantly due to rain and the fly fishing has slowed. Look for this to drop over the weekend, and the fishing to be really good by mid-week. Game on!

Green River brown trout

A nice brown trout from the Green River

Snake River Fly Fishing report 6.22.14

Our cold snap last week has dropped flows on the Snake River significantly and we’ve had a window to run some float fishing trips on it this week. There are tons of Golden Stones of all sizes flying, along with Caddis and Green Drakes.  Some Cutthroat trout are rising to them in slower side channels and back eddies, but they are eating the nymphs with abandon! Best flies are #6-10 Rubberlegs, #10-12 Flashback PT’s, #10 Chubby Chernobyls Rain is forecasted over the next few days and the Snake is already on the rise, so we expect that it will be blow out again by this weekend.  It will be another week to ten days before we are out on the Snake River again, but it’s going to be a good one this year. Check out what WY Game and Fish has to say about their electro-shocking results from last Fall – WY Game and Fish

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 6.18.14

We have been running numerous fishing trips in Yellowstone recently, mostly to the Firehole River and Lewis Lake.  Both are fishing well and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. Firehole River- We are seeing Caddis and PMD hatches daily now.  Sunny, warm days are the most reliable for Caddis action and cooler, cloudy days are best for PMD’s.  There is a PMD Spinner Fall starting by 10am from Muleshoe Bend down to Fountain Flats. A #16 PMD Spinner pattern will get you into plenty of trout.  After that, emergences take over and can last until 5pm on cloudy days. Salmonflies and Yellow Sallies are hatching in the Cnayon near Madison Junction. Flies- #14-16 Prince,#14-16 Peacock Soft Hackles, #16-18 PMD Sparkle Duns,#16-18 PMD Film Critics, #16-18 Quigley Cripples Lewis Lake- It’s been fun out on Lewis! Subsurface Baitfish imitations have produced well when stripped on full sinking lines, try JJ’s Specials, Rubber Buggers, Olive/White Clousers. Scud/Mysis Shrimp, Leech, and Calliebaetis patterns have been good on floating or intermediate lines with a hand-twist retrieve over flats and along drop-offs.  Flies- #12-14 CDC PT’s, #8-10Wooly Buggers, Mohair Leeches, Rickard’s Leeches  

Double from the Firehole River!

Double from the Firehole River!