Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 9.14.14

Fly fishing in Jackson Hole in September to date has been nothing short of fantastic!  Fall arrived a little early here, with cooler overnight lows.  We even reached 20 degrees here this past week!  No worries though as high temps for the next 4-5 days are forecasted to 75-80 degrees. And did I mention that the fall colors are on fire? This has brought to life all the bug life in the Jackson Hole valley – Claasenia Stoneflies, Hecuba Drakes, Mahogany Duns, Infrequens PMD’s, Flying Ants, Rhyacophila Caddis and even some October Caddis and BWO’s. Needless to say there are plenty of options to tie on to the end of your line. Your favorite foam pattern has been working, sometimes the whole day. Mahoganies are another good all day choice, and the other bugs are great match the hatch alternatives. The streamer bite is really firing up with all colors working at different times so far. Depending on morning temperatures the Cutthroat start eating on the surface by 10am, sometimes earlier. Sunny afternoons are great for flying ants and the Rhycophilas, but may as well try them at anytime.    Give us a shout at 307-690-1139 to take advantage of the best dry fly fishing around! September is THE month to float the Snake River!  

Snake River Jackson Hole

Gorgeous day for a float on the Snake River!


Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- 8.15.14

There has been some very good fly fishing on the Snake River recently!  Our Claasennia Stoneflies are popping and the Cutthroat have taken notice.  The best fishing has been on overcast days with attractor patterns like the Chubby Chernobyl fished tight to the banks or any structure.  Dropping a nymph off the back about 2-3 feet deep has also been quite productive for those trout reluctant to com all the way to the surface.  Prince nymphs or other Caddis patterns have been good along with Red Copper Johns in #12-14. It’s busy  out there and we are on the river daily.  Book your guided fly fishing trip on the Snake River today!

Green River fly fishing report 8.25.14

This has been one of those rare years where you can float the Green River below Warren Bridge through the month of August.  Flows keep wanting to drop to 400 cfs, but then we receive a good bit of rain and flows jump back up between 600 and 700 cfs.  Watch for these windows and you can float the Green. There has been a great variety of bugs to choose from this month- early morning Tricos, PMD’s, Hecubas, Mahoganies, all the Terrestrials, and Mutant Stoneflies. Know the timing of all these bugs and you’ll have a fantastic day on the water!  

green river brown trout

Bob Schramm enjoys the Green River