Fishing report Jackson Hole- Snake River 10.14.14

The Snake River has been a fun place to be! Flows are at their Winter levels and the Cutthroat have found their new homes for the long haul.  The BuRec announced that they would flows out of Jackson Lake Dam at 450 cfs for the Winter, since we received so much rain at the very end of September and beginning of October. This is great news for our trout and invertebrates in the Snake River as it gives them more holding water and a chance to spread out and feed over the course of the winter. Currently, the fly fishing on the Snake River has been a blast!  Double-nymph rigs are a great way to go in the mornings as water temperatures rise. Rubber Legs, BH Flashback Hares Ear Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, Lightening Bugs, Copper Johns in red or olive,  and Flashback Pheasant Tails have all produced well.  After lunch, the dry-fly action kicks in with Mahogany Duns, Blue-Winged Olives, October Caddis, and a few terrestrials are bringing Cutthroat to the surface.   The streamer bite has also been good on banks and along any structure pulling up some larger trout. Gotta love Fall! Crowds are light and the fishing is great!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 10.1.14

Is it possible for flows on a river to rise and fall simultaneously? After so amazing Fall weather into the last weekend in September, we saw rain. Lots of it. A whole month’s worth in about 4 days.  This sent the flows on the Snake, Gros Ventre, and Hoback Rivers soaring above seasonal averages.  At the same time, the BuRec started reducing flows out of Jackson Lake Dam this past Monday on the way to to Winter flows of 350cfs by October 10th. Surprisingly enough only the Hoback blew out and made the lower river unfishable.  Above the Hoback confluence, the Snake was on fire! Mayfly hatches were prolific – PMD’s, Mahoganies, Hecubas, and Blue-Winged Olives. The Cutthroat crushed them and when it rained too hard to feed off the surface they ate nymphs readily. The Caddis larva in the Snake are also doing their behavioral drift as they look for new homes for the Winter.  Oh and the streamer bite is on! Best Flies: #16 Mahogany Hackle Stacker, #16 Pablo’s PMD Cripple, #12 Para Adams, #16 Copper or Purple Haze, #16 Red Copper John, #16-18 Lightening Bug, #14-16 Prince, #6 JJ’s Special The weather is settling and the Snake continues to drop.  Fly fishing will continue to be good for the whole month and crowds are minimal on the Snake making for an excellent to be out there! Check out our Fall Fishing Special on the Snake River