Jackson Hole Fishing Report 3.31.15

The fly fishing in Jackson Hole on the Snake River has only gotten better since our last fishing report! Water temperatures are increasing with our warm weather and this makes both our bugs and Cutthroat trout happy. We are seeing Midge hatches begin around 10am on our warmer mornings, but can start as late as noon on cooler days.  These are larger Midges and fly patterns in sizes #16-20 have been the most effective along with Early Black Stonefly patterns in #14.  Our Cutthroat will eat these flies into the late afternoon hours.  As water temps rise closer to 42 degrees, more of BWO’s (Baetis) become active and the trout will look for them.  Overcast, snowy/rainy days are the best for Baetis hatches and the trout will prefer these Mayflies over Midges on those days. Skwala stonefly nymphs have been very active and there are a few hatching already.  Some of our trout are starting to eat foam on the Snake River, but this bite will get better as we move into April.  Currently nymph rigs with a Stonefly imitation as the point fly and trailed by a Midge/Baetis/Brown Stone.  The Brown Stonefly hatch is a bug that gets overlooked this time of year or confused as Skwalas. They are a #12-14 are far more prolific than the Skwalas. The Streamer bite has really taken off with water temperatures consistently at or near 42 degrees. It is best in the afternoons in the same water types listed below, but also along bank structure that is best fished from a driftboat. Our Cutthroat are still holding in deeper Winter lies, but are starting to take advantage of shallower riffles and bank water as long as it is moving at a slower pace.  Look just below riffles where the current slows or any nervous water. Recirculating eddies are productive, especially where the recirculating current meets the main current. Typically they are podded up, so it is worth stopping if you find some feeding.  Slow side channels with access to deeper holes are a great place to fish dry flies currently. We are booking trips daily and are excited about what April has to offer with prolific bug hatches! Call us at 307-690-1139 to book your fishing trip today. Best Flies: #20 Zelon Midge, #18-20 Tridge, #18-20 Micro Wulff Cripple, #14 Early Black Stone, #10 Purple Bruce, #10 Rubberlegs, #12-14 Guides Choice Hares Ear, #18 Red Zebra Midge, #18 Micro Mayfly, #4 Olive Dungeons, #6 JJ’s Special, #6 Black Bugger

March Fly fishing Jackson Hole

Streamer Eater!

Jackson Hole Fishing Report


Jackson Hole Fishing Report 3.17.15

Happy St. Patrick’s! It’s 60 degrees outside and has been very warm all this week!  Our valley snow cover is retreating quickly and there is green grass beginning to show in town. Kinda strange, but we’ll take it. Just hope it rains or snows again soon… That being said, the fishing has only gotten better in Jackson Hole since our last report.  Dry fly activity has become consistent during Midge hatches, 11am-3pm.  Look in riffle tailouts, slower side channels, and back eddies for noses.  Adult Early Black Stone patterns are taking some nice Cutthroat on top in these same spots. Stalking these trout is key as they are slow, clear water and will see you coming! Nymphing Skwala Stonefly nymph patterns has been very productive as well. Drop your big bug 6-7′ from your indicator and trail a Zebra Midge 18″ behind that. You’ll pick up some Whitefish as well with this rig. The tug is the drug! Best Flies: #10 Rubberlegs, #16-20 Red or Black Zebra Midge, #16-18 Furimsky’s BDE, #14-16 Winter Foam Stone, #6 JJ’s Special, #6 Woolhead Sculpins Feel free to call today to book your March Fly Fishing trip in Jackson Hole – 307-690-1139

Fly Fishing Jackson Hole

Stealth approaches pay off!


Jackson Hole Fishing Report 3.3.15

Well, winter has returned to Jackson Hole since our last fishing report.  This has slowed the fly fishing a bit on colder days, but there have been some worthwhile opportunities as well mostly in the afternoons of warmer days.  Stonefly and Midge nymphs continue to produce the best action… The real news is our snowpack in the Snake River and Upper Green River basins.  The Snake is holding steady at 100% of water content despite weaker snow events over the past 6 weeks. Combine this with Jackson Lake being 76% full currently and it looks good for water temps and flows on the Snake in 2015. The Green River is holding at 115% of water content currently as well.  It’s still too early to tell how the runoff will be for this gem of a river, but we have high hopes.  March, April, and May are crucial precipitation months for the flows on the Green River. We will keep you informed on when this is fishing! We are running fly fishing trips on the Snake River in Jackson Hole currently. Give us a call!