Jackson Hole Fishing Report 5.19.15

The news to report here is that there is some fly fishing to be had on the Snake River in Jackson Hole currently despite runoff conditions.  Cooler temperatures have prevailed and flows are dipping below 5000 cfs allowing water clarity to improve. The forecast for the rest of this week is more of the same, so we expect to run a few fishing trips on the Snake this week as more folks arrive for Memorial Day weekend. The fishing has been mostly with nymphs in the slower water. The Cutthroat have pushed out to the edges in the higher water and are still willing to eat a well presented fly. Rigs with a large Rubberlegs as a point fly and worms/Pheasant Tails/Prince Nymphs have been producing. Later in the afternoons a few trout will eat some big foam off the surface if it’s fished tight to the bank in slower currents. We do expect that the Snake River will muddy up completely again soon with any warmer temperatures or rain, but for now, let’s go fishing! Give us a shout at 307-690-1139 to book your trip today!

South Fork of the Snake River fishing report 5.19.15

The South Fork of the Snake River in Swan Valley, Idaho has reached it’s peak of Spring flushing flows and is beginning to drop. Flows out of Palisades Dam reached 17,000 cfs this past weekend and is flowing at 15,300 cfs as of today.  We expect flows to be reduced to Summertime levels of 12,800 cfs by this weekend and should hold steady for the duration. This is great news for consistent fly fishing on the South Fork! Despite high flows, there was still some good fishing to be had this past weekend.  Nymphs and streamers are the way to go and look for the soft water and side channels. Trout will move to these spots in high flows and gobble up Stonefly nymphs and worms that are washed down. Spend some time in these spots and you will find fish, especially Brown trout, feeding. We are running fishing trips on the South Fork and our guides are excited for what’s to come on this special river! Give us a call at 307-690-1139 to book your trip.

South Fork of the Snake River

Fish the Fly guide Baker Mann with a nice Brown trout

Green River fishing report 5.19.15

Fly fishing on the Green River has been pretty fun lately! Runoff has mellowed with cooler temperatures at currently the Green is flowing at 759 cfs at Warren Bridge.  Same story here as all of other local rivers – nymphing Stoneflies and Worms.  Streamers can be good here as well, so long as they are black. Brown trout love this time of year and are not afraid to feed! Look for the Green to be good for the duration, even if flows bump up significantly.  The Green River basin is at 70% of snowpack and it all is sitting at high elevations where the streams flow out of granitic drainages which don’t have alot of silt in them. Even if the Green blows out for a few days, it shouldn’t last long, since it is the tributaries at lower elevations that muddy up this river. We are running fishing trips to the Green River, so give us a call to book your trip today! 307-690-1139

Yellowstone Park fishing report 5.19.15

Yellowstone opens to fishing this coming Saturday May 23rd! We are excited for the worlds first National Park to open and the fishing to begin. You will find us on Lewis Lake chasing Brown trout and Lake trout with streamers and nymphs. It’s not often we are able to fish Lewis on opening day, but since we had such a warm Spring, the lake iced-off earlier than usual. Since the lake has been ice free for a few weeks now, we expect to see the fish in the shallows. Streamers that imitate Leeches and small brown trout work well here. I’ll also be looking for Brown Drakes and March browns that hatch this time of year. Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to fish a few dry flies! Give us a shout if you’d like to join us- 307-690-1139.  We will be running fishing trips to Yellowstone Park daily after this Saturday, so check back here for the latest fishing report    

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 5.1.15

If you’re in town, I hope you brought some cookies to go with all of the chocolate milk in our rivers currently! You never know what the beginning of May will bring for runoff conditions and with this years warm Spring in the Rockies, we’ve got an early start to runoff on all local rivers. There are still fishing opportunities locally though, you just might need to wander a bit… The best place to fish on the Snake River currently is below Jackson Lake Dam down to Pacific Creek.  This is about 5 miles of clear water and holds Cutthroat, Browns, and a few Lake trout. We’re still at Winter flows of 550 cfs, so wading is an option. Nymphs and streamers are a good way to go in this cold water, until the Midge and BWO hatches begin in the afternoon. Nymph rigs consisting of a #8-10 Rubberlegs as a point fly and #14-18 Flashback PT are a good choice here. #18 Red Zebra Midges are also a good bet. Concentrate efforts on riffles and back eddies. There are still a few Skwalas around so skating your favorite Stonely pattern can be fun too. Try a #18 BWO Film Critic or #16-18 Parachute Adams if you see Cutthroat keying in on the surface. Don’t be afraid to look on the Jackson Lake side of the Dam for Lake trout in the relatively shallow water near the outlet.  A sink-tip or full sinking line will help here as the water is 10-20′ deep.  I like to fish Clousers and Black Leeches with a slow strip for these hungry trout. Flat Creek south of Jackson opens today! Water should be clear through the weekend and access is good from Hwy 89 South.  This is skinny water with a few deeper holes/runs. All the same bugs – Skwalas, Midges, BWO’s – and also some Caddis are are present here.  Nymph the deeper holes in the morning with a Stonefly/Caddis rig and look for a few risers in the afternoon/evenings.  This is really the only clear water close to town, so expect some company. The South Fork of the Snake in Idaho is up to 12,300 cfs out of Palisades Dam and flows have been steady for over a week now. The Rainbows in this river are in spawn mode, especially on the Upper reaches down to Conant. IDF&G encourages rainbow trout removal to help out the native Cutthroat population.  They even go so far as to tag certain Rainbows with monetary rewards up to $1000! Same bugs are on the menu – Skwalas, Midges, BWO’s, Caddis – and nymphing is the main game here in the afternoons. Don’t forget eggs and worms if you’re hunting the ‘Bows… The Green River above Warren Bridge should still be an option and there is plenty of access in the campgrounds.  This is cold water and nymphs/streamers are the definitely the game to play.  Same fare and throw in some more worms as your trailer since these trout really dig it! The Henry’s Fork is worth the drive if you have time. Lots of Caddis are flying and the Stonefly nymphs are staging in the shallows for what should be an earlier Salmonfly hatch this year. March Browns and BWO’s are present as well in this bug factory! Below Warm River and above the Fall River confluence is the best stretch to be fishing this time of year. There are definitely fishing options to be found! Enjoy our beautiful Spring weather and take a drive!