Fly Fishing Flat Creek, Nation Elk Refuge 7/29/16

Flat Creek in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on the National Elk Refuge is opening on Monday August 1st!  Anglers will arrive before dawn in anticipation of the gates opening. Flat Creek is only open from August 1st to October 31st.  Expect to see caddis, hoppers, and terrestrials with this warm weather at the start of the Flat Creek season.  There might be some PMD’s still flying around, we will know more on Monday morning! Flat Creek is a great place to take your wade fishing game to the next level, and our guides are ready to help you get there!  Be prepared to cast from the bank on one knee, and sneak up on the river in hopes of catching a nice Snake River Fine spotted Cutthroat Trout.  Flat Creek plays host to some of the largest Cutthroat Trout in the Jackson Hole Valley, but they do not come easy as the season moves along. We are very excited about this opener! Call us if you would like to join us on Monday!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Backcountry Fly Fishing Report 7/25/16

Despite recent wildfire activity in Wyoming, our backcountry creeks are fishing very well!  Jackson Hole, Wyoming has many different backcountry fly fishing locations, many of which do not get fished very often and are relatively remote.  If you like being the only fisherman on the water, and not seeing another angler all day, the backcountry of Wyoming is the fly fishing spot for you. The cutthroat trout in Wyoming’s backcountry are opportunistic and looking to feed! Caddis, Green and Grey Drakes, and PMD’s are always popular in the backcountry.  The cutthroat are still eating Stoneflies, with a Circus Peanut bringing up lots of trout. Give your foam bug some extra movement on top of the water; try skating it across the surface heading away from the bank.  The grass hoppers are also starting to come out, so if you see some hopping around the bank do not hesitate to throw one on the end of your line!  Fly fishing in the Backcountry of Wyoming is a great full day trip, which all fishermen can enjoy.

An old Elk on the river bank of one of our Backcountry creeks!

Flawless Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout caught in the Wyoming Backcountry!


Snake River Fly Fishing Report, Jackson Hole Wyoming 7/22/16

The Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is fishing great right now!  The flows have dropped a little bit with this warm weather, flowing at 3600 cfs near Moose, Wyoming and 4750 cfs in the canyon stretch above Alpine, Wyoming.  The Snake River Cutthroat are starting to eat hoppers (size 10-14), and are still eating PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Circus Peanuts (size 10-14), Purple and Yellow Chubbies (10-14).  The big news this week is the Claasenia Stone Fly have come out early!  This big bug is great for early morning action, and keep the trout looking for larger flies on the surface throughout the day.  Our guides have been out on the Snake River every day, and they are loving the big bug action!  

Claasenia bring the big boys up! Guide Baker Mann with a nice Snake River Cutthroat!

Salt River near Thayne, WY Fly Fishing Report 7/21/16

The Salt River between Afton and Alpine, Wyoming is one of the Jackson Hole region’s great fisheries, and is fishing exceptionally well right now.  Wyoming Game and Fish did a little shocking last week, but the effects of that are gone and the fishing is back on track.  The Salt River is flowing at a nice pace of 46 cfs at Crow Creek near Fairview, Wyoming and is flowing at 484 cfs near Etna, Wyoming. The dry fly fishing is great on the Salt currently!  Bring along some PMD Sparkle Duns (size 14-16), Yellow Sallies (size 14-16), and your favorite Foam attractor in pink, purple, or red (size 10).  Also bring along some Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and Pheasant Tails to drop 18″ below your bigger foam bug.  The Snake River Cutthroat and Brown trout are hungry with all of these options, no matter if the fly is on top of the water or just beneath. The Salt River can be a great place to escape the crowds, not too many people venture over to this smaller gem.  But, our guides are extremely familiar with this river and love to fish it as much as possible!  

Cutthroat trout from the Salt River

Steve Bodenheimer with a Snake River Cutthroat trout from the Salt River!


Green River Fly Fishing Report 7/18/16

The Green River in Pinedale, Wyoming  is in mid-summer form, with flows dropping due to the hot weather.  Flowing at 381 cfs below Warren Bridge near Daniel, Wyoming and flowing at 1250 cfs below the Fontenelle Reservoir.  Cottonwood Creek flows into the Green River beneath Daniel which creates a small influx of water level which can create good dry fly fishing.   With the dropping water levels the trout have started to congregate in the deeper runs.  Smaller Chubby’s, Golden Stones, PMD Nymphs, and Copper Johns are all good options to fish in these deep pools.  Hoppers should start coming out as well with the hot weather, along with beetles and ants.   With lower flows it is best to fish in front of the boat, and make sure that all your line is above the fly.  You want your fly to be the first thing these fish see.  The Green River would be a good option for a single fly fisherman and guide. This way the fly fisherman can always be fishing in front of the drift boat.   It is best to get to the Green early in the morning with the cooler temperatures, once the day starts to heat up so does the water and the fish become less active.

Yet another happy client with Fish the Fly guide Will Pierce!


Salt River Fishing Report 7/5/16

Sorry it has been so long since we have written a fly fishing report on the Salt River in Star Valley, WY.  The Salt River is fishing very well right now, flowing at a nice pace of 62 cfs at Crow Creek and 605 cfs in Etna, Wyoming before it enters the Palisades Reservoir.

The Cutthroat Trout are rising for an Orange Crush or a Circus Peanut.  The trout will also take a size 10 Copper John hanging off the bottom of some foam!  The Salt River is also known for having a Salmon Fly Hatch, one of the few rivers around Jackson that plays host to one of the greatest hatches in fly fishing!

The Salt River between Afton and Alpine Wyoming boasts roughly a 1000 fish per mile, which is impressive for a river this size.  The Salt River is also a great place to hunt for a trophy Brown Trout making its way up from the Palisades Reservoir. The Salt River runs through Star Valley and offers unique pastoral scenery, which makes the Salt River a great Jackson Hole fly fishing destination!  The main attraction for the Salt River is the prized Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout, who span from 8-16 inches!   While floating the Salt River do not be surprised if you do not see another boat the whole day!  Our guides have been to the Salt River this past week, and they said it has been off the charts!

A mangled Orange Crush Fly after a day on the Salt River!

South Fork of The Snake Fishing Report 7/9/16

Fish The Fly guide Mike Uritus with a nice Rainbow trout on the South Fork!

The South Fork is on fire right now!  The South Fork of the Snake is flowing at 14150 cfs near Irwin, Idaho, with a water temperature of 53 degrees fahrenheit below the Palisades Dam.  If you are a dry fly fisherman than fly fishing the South Fork should be your next fishing spot, because the fish are eating everything!  Bring along your Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, rusty or yellow color Water Walkers (sizes 4-8), and Chubby Chernobyls. The Salmon Flies have been fishing very well throughout the South Fork, particularly in the canyon and upper section. Golden Stones have really been turning on below Irwin, Idaho. If you get tired of fishing big foam bring along some size 14-16 PMD Cripples. There are a lot of good riffle spots along the South Fork and these smaller dry flies work perfectly for them! PMD’s have been fishing well all the way down to Lorenzo.  If the fish are not rising, Rainbow Warriors are a good nymphing option to pick up some bottom feeding trout. The South Fork of the Snake is a very popular fly fishing spot for Jackson Hole and has lived up to the hype these past few weeks!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 6/29/16

Dry fly season has finally hit us here on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  Flows are at 4150 cfs at Moose and 5730 cfs in the canyon stretch above Alpine.  It has been hot here in Jackson this past week, and all the snow is out of Rendezvous Bowl which means run off season has finally passed! These flows make for a perfect day of dry fly fishing a long the bank.  Circus Peanuts, and Purple Chubbys have been working very well.  We are also starting to see more Yellow Sally’s, Green and Grey Drakes, and some Caddis.  We are at that special time of year on the Snake River where the Snake River Cutthroats are on a feeding frenzy!  Our guides are out on the Snake River every day and absolutely loving it! Wade fishing in the Wyoming Backcountry is getting better and better as the summer goes on!  For all the dry fly fishermen out there, the Wyoming backcountry is the place for you.  Small streams, rising Cutthroat, and dry flies are what you can expect when fishing in the backcountry. If you are fly fisherman who enjoys being out on the water with no other fisherman around, the Wyoming backcountry should be on your list of places to fish.  Not seeing another angler all day is not uncommon for fly fishing in the backcountry!  Pack a lunch, and throw on your wet wading shoes, because it has been hot here in Jackson Hole and the backcountry is a great place to get your feet wet and hook into some nice Snake River Cutthroats! Golden Stones, Green/Grey Drakes, Caddis and PMD’s are a must in a fly box when traveling to the backcountry.  Keep an eye out for risers, you never know where a monster Cutthroat might be lurking!

Jacksonhole Wyoming Backcountry Trout

Cliff Forrest with his backcountry trout!

A Green Drake Fly, very popular in the backcountry!


Green River Fishing Report 7/1/2016

Guide Josh Hanna and Bill Sullivan with a nice Brown Trout on the Green River!

Vivian Hernandez having a great day on the Green River with a beautiful Rainbow Trout!

Sorry it has been so long since we have written a fly fishing report on the Green River!  The Green River is fishing very well near Pinedale, Wyoming!  The Green River is flowing at 1050 cfs at Warren Bridge, and is flowing at 1700 cfs in the tailwater section beneath the Fontenelle Reservoir. Brown and Rainbow Trout are eating sizes #6-10 Rubber Legs, #10-12 Pheasant Tails, as well as Green and Grey Drake nymphs and the classic Red Worm.  There is also some sporadic dry fly action with Golden Stone patterns, but most of the fly fishing is nymphing currently. Fly Fishing on the Green River shows the true colors of Wyoming.  Hooking into a Rainbow or Brown trout across the river from a herd of cattle is not uncommon for the Green River! Our guides have run numerous trips down there in the last week and have been raving about how awesome the fly fishing is!