Flat Creek National Elk Refuge Fly Fishing

Flat Creek National Elk Refuge Fly Fishing Report 9.12.16

Flat Creek winds its way through the National Elk Refuge just north of the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Flat Creek is an excellent fishery and will challenge you to take your trout stalking game to the next level.  Flat Creek is home to some of the largest Snake River Cutthroat Trout in the Jackson Valley. These Cutthroat are very spooky and are always on the lookout for anglers. There is very little above water cover in the way of trees or shrubs to hide these trout in this slow moving water. Undercut banks in the bends of the oxbows are where you will find these elusive fish.When fly fishing Flat Creek, it is important to take a step back and really think about how you are going to fish a specific section, and also what your are going to put on the end of your line. Grey Drakes (size 12-14), PMD’s (size 14-16), Mahogany Duns (size 16) all make for a tasty treat for the trout of Flat Creek. Try your favorite cripple pattern of these mayflies, although it seems that I often come back to a Rusty Spinner.  We are almost at the end of the terrestrial season here in Jackson Hole, but ants or beetles are still on the menu on warm sunny afternoons.

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A beautiful Cutthroat Trout caught along the banks of Flat Creek on the National Elk Refuge!

Get out and fish Flat Creek because in about a month and a half thousands of elk will be making their winter homes along the river’s bend.  Even though Flat Creek is close to town it is still a fulfilling natural experience to get out there and stroll through its tall grass. The slow moving water is crystal clear and full of fish. During sundown the National Elk Refuge offers a great view of the sun setting on the Sleeping Indian!

Our guides have been fly fishing Flat Creek in the afternoons after their guided trips, and have all the details of where the fish are and what they are eating!

Fish The Fly Guide Service, National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Snake River Cutthroat Trout

Releasing a Snake River Cutthroat Trout back into Flat Creek!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Backcountry Fly Fishing

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Backcountry Fly Fishing Report 9.7.16

Fall has hit the Jackson Hole backcountry early this year, so get out there because it will only be fishing well for the next 3-4 weeks!  The backcountry is a great place to get away for the day and enjoy catching Cutthroat Trout at the base of some of Jackson Hole’s most beautiful mountains.  Do not be surprised if you do not see another angler all day when fly fishing the backcountry.  The water level is low but the fish are still eating and holding in the pools they can find. The leaves have started to change color and the temperatures have started to drop signaling the start of the Mahogany Dun hatch. Bring along some Mahogany Cripples (size 14-16), but a Purple Haze might be the only fly you need. Fall BWO’s have started to show on our backcountry creeks and this hatch will get more prolific as water temperatures continue to drop. Broken riffle water hides most of these trout in the lower flows of Fall. It is a good idea to cast in a riffle above a pool and let the fly float over the drop off in hopes of moving a nice Snake River Cutthroat Trout. Don’t overlook slower bank water though, as some large Cutties have been found sipping bugs and conserving their energy. Terrestrials are also still producing at a high level; ant patterns, beetles, and hoppers make for a great afternoon of fly fishing in Wyoming’s backcountry.  Mike’s Honey ant (size 12-16) or a Sparkle Ant are always good options as well as a cinnamon flying ant (size 12-16).  Even when it’s windy out these flies should still catch fish.  Cast them close to the bank to imitate an ant or beetle getting blown off a blade of grass. The backcountry season will soon be over so get out there and fish!  Call us today at (307) 690-1139 or check out our WY backcountry page to book a trip!

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Fish The Fly guide Nat Murphy and Anne Olson with a tight line in Wyoming’s backcountry!

Snake River Fly Fishing

Snake River Fly Fishing Report Jackson Hole, Wyoming 9.6.16

Fall is approaching us quickly here in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  Don’t be intimidated by the cool weather, as fall brings some of the best fly fishing Jackson has to offer!  The flows have been stable on the Snake River flowing at 3620 cfs at Moose, Wyoming. Early Autumn is a great time to get on the Snake! Cool mornings make for nice scenery and a better chance of seeing wildlife, and as the temperatures rise more and more bugs can be seen flying around and landing on the water!  Hecubas are starting to come out in force, especially on days with some cloud cover.  Mahogany Duns are also popping with the drop in water temperatures, while PMDs and Tricos can still be seen. Target riffles, bank structure, and seam lines where two currents come together.  Another great aspect of the Snake is all the side channels, so get out of the boat and get your feet wet!  Side channels of the Snake offer great structure fishing with small drys and can be the most rewarding adventure of the day. Call us today at (307) 690-1139 or check out our Snake River page to book a trip!

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A Hecuba Drake makes a nice meal for a Snake River Cutthroat

Fish The Fly Guide Service, Snake River, Cutthroat Trout, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Fly Fishing

Mary Ann Ragan with a beautiful Snake River Cutthroat!

The streamer bite is only going to get better and better as the mornings get cooler and cooler, cloud coverage with some precipitation is also a great time to throw on a streamer.  The Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat love the olive and white combo, maybe throw a cone head or a pair of eyes on there and you have a tasty meal for a big cutthroat.  Remember when fishing streamers you set the hook with a strip set rather than lifting your rod right away.  Give the fish a nice strip once you feel that bump on your line, then lift your rod once your line is tight.  Floating line with a nine foot leader is a good setup for streamer fly fishing on the Snake River.