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Invisible Invaders

Invasive plants and animals are the subject of much research and managers are constantly working to develop new programs designed to manage, control or prevent the spread of these invasives. However, an entire class of invaders often goes unnoticed. Microorganisms have the capacity to devastate our fish and wildlife resources and a new scholarly paper helps […]


Hydrilla horrors: Invasive plant causes bird deaths   Hydrilla is an aggressive invasive aquatic weed that can quickly choke a lake or stream. For years anglers and boaters have have cursed hydrilla as it interferes with their ability to access their favorite waters. However, few have focused on the ecological problems the weeds can cause.  […]

Chico Fernandez on Wire Leaders

Chico Fernandez: “All Wired Up” Choosing Wire for Saltwater Leaders [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=9qa5g8n6&et=1104071034278&s=9198&e=001-W_6Mu2D9cfNNVbPpMk6Tn9geZQxSGaCueOyJeCA1K3sshGXC2OYWCEicjEh1pNkfYkRli8kIFEZsMMY2T4NT3SLElTMndhu7CxIkjdxL-EKvVMobwB0HWB6A7m6iWcFBuE_F5hQYTMrYDn5GxaOBegdYaVlIpEpo9AhFeUviDc=] ONE COOL FALL morning a few years ago, a friend and I were drifting over a reef in about 80 feet of water. We were looking for snapper and grouper, and some mid-water species, such as jacks, Spanish mackerel, and kingfish. My friend was […]