Invisible Invaders

Invasive plants and animals are the subject of much research and managers are constantly working to develop new programs designed to manage, control or prevent the spread of these invasives. However, an entire class of invaders often goes unnoticed. Microorganisms have the capacity to devastate our fish and wildlife resources and a new scholarly paper helps to make us all more aware of the threat. The authors of “Invisible invaders: non-pathogenic invasive microbes in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems” provide an excellent overview of invasive microbes and offer a compelling argument that significant new research is needed. Read More –

Maryland Stocks Whirling Disease Trout

Ooops! It appears that the state of Maryland inadvertently stocked thousands of trout in the western part of the state with trout that are infected with Whirling Disease. Ironically, Maryland was the first state to enact a ban on felt-soled waders, which began on March 22nd.  This legislation is meant to help prevent the spread of such diseases in streams.

Burbot Bash a success

The reecnt Burbot Bash held on Flaming Gorge Reservoir was a huge success! Ober 4000 of these invasive fish were caught and killed in the name of fighting Aquatic Invasive Species.  This will help the Green River over generations to come.  Thanks!

The truth about Formula 409 and invasives

The Poorly Understood Story of Formula 409© A lot of anglers think they are doing the right thing by disinfecting their boots after every use. There are a variety of methods for disinfection that are spread by well meaning people who think they are passing on good advice. Probably the most repeated recommendation is to use Formula 401© to spray on all boot parts after each use. Unfortunately, the way that most anglers use Formula 409© to disinfect is not effective. Carrying a spray bottle and spraying fishing boots does not work to control invasives and has no beneficial effect at all. Yet, many believe and teach others that this is the best thing to do. The confusion about  Formula 409© comes from the misunderstanding of some scientific research which showed that it is possible to kill New Zealand mud snails with Formula 409©. See what the Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species has to say about cleaning fishing equipment.

Burbot invading Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Burbot populations in Flaming Gorge Reservoir are exploding according to recent testing done by Wyoming Game and Fish.  This fish was first found in the Big Sandy River in 2001 and has since spread to the Flaming Gorge and Fontenelle Reservoirs.  The Green River is susceptible to these fish as well… Two ice fishing derbies are being held in the next few weeks to help eradicte these fish and ling from these waters. The Burbot Bash is January 22-29 and the “Ding a Ling” event is February 4-6; both are being held on Flaming Gorge.  Burbot are susceptible to overfishing and these derbies are aimed to get the word out about these invasive fish. Plus they taste alot like Lobster! Read more about these ice fishing derbies .

Wyoming Mussel Program going well

Response has been good to the new effort to try and prevent the spread of Quagga and Zebra Mussels.  Keep up the good work! Check out this article from the Billings Gazette about the traditional start of the fishing season.

WY Game and Fish asking for AIS input

The Wyoming Game and Fish department is asking the public for comments on its draft Aquatic Invasive Species Management program. Deadline is July 30, 2010. Fish the Fly hopes that all Wyoming fly fishermen will participate!

New Greater Yellowstone Invasive Species website

A new website designed specifically for Aquatic Invasive Species information in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem has been launched! It includes maps of current infected waters in the region and the latest data from recent surveys on local waters plus much more! Greater Yellowstone Area Aquatic Invasive Species

Wyoming requires Aquatic Invasive Species Sticker

Wyoming is the newest state to implement mandatory
invasive species boat stickers for all boats on WY
waters. As of May 17,2010, all watercraft over 10
feet in length are required to purchase a sticker.
Funds generated by these stickers will pay to
educate the public about AIS,and fund prevention
efforts to keep AIS from being introduced into
Wyoming, such as watercraft inspections, enforcement,
and implementation of AIS regulations. The Wyoming
legislature also appropriated $1.5 million in general
fund monies to fund AIS prevention.

Costs are as follows -
Motorized watercraft registered in WY - $10
Motorized watercraft registered in another state - $30
Non-motorized watercraft owned by WY resident - $5
Non-motorized watercraft owned by a non-resident - $15

Stickers can be purchased on WGFD website or any
automated license selling agent across Wyoming.
Stickers are valid until December 31 of the year