Fly Fishing Flat Creek Jackson Hole, WY 5.11.20

A few nights ago, I had spent most of the day inside hoping for some sunshine. It slowly did and by dinner time it was gorgeous outside. With a full belly, I grabbed my gear and hopped in the truck anxious to get some fly fishing done. The short drive to Flat Creek was well worth it!

The sun sets behind the Tetons on a warm day in May

Warm weather has brought runoff to most area rivers and streams, besides tail waters. The shed hunters had moved on after the weekend and it was quiet on the creek. There were BWO spinners and a few Brachycentrus Caddis hovering in the air, but no risers. I had a Rubberlegs and Purple Duracell nymph setup from a recent trip on the Snake River and decided to shorten the depth and give it a whirl after knotting on a bright green Caddis pupa.  In a half dozen casts I had landed three nice Cutthroat, one on each fly. One spunky Cuttie even jumped!

Feel lucky to be on lockdown in such an amazing place. Looking forward to Summer. Wyoming is slowly opening back up and we are taking reservations. Come spend some time in nature!

Jumping Cutthroat trout?!


Fly Fishing Flat Creek, Nation Elk Refuge 7/29/16

Flat Creek in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on the National Elk Refuge is opening on Monday August 1st!  Anglers will arrive before dawn in anticipation of the gates opening. Flat Creek is only open from August 1st to October 31st.  Expect to see caddis, hoppers, and terrestrials with this warm weather at the start of the Flat Creek season.  There might be some PMD’s still flying around, we will know more on Monday morning! Flat Creek is a great place to take your wade fishing game to the next level, and our guides are ready to help you get there!  Be prepared to cast from the bank on one knee, and sneak up on the river in hopes of catching a nice Snake River Fine spotted Cutthroat Trout.  Flat Creek plays host to some of the largest Cutthroat Trout in the Jackson Hole Valley, but they do not come easy as the season moves along. We are very excited about this opener! Call us if you would like to join us on Monday!