Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 10.20.10

Fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park has seen a boost in the rivers that hold brown trout runs.  The Madison River drainage, including the lower Firehole and Gibbon Rivers, is chock full of run-up browns from Hebgen Lake and also the rainbows that follow them.  Swinging fall soft hackles and streamers has been a great way to find large fish, especially early in the morning and just before sundown.  Baetis and Caddis hatches have the fish looking up and eating off the surface daily. The Firehole River above the falls has also been fishing well during Baetis and Caddis times.  These fish are smaller, but they are very bit as picky as any larger fish out there.  Cripples and emergers are very effective for these choosy fish. The Lewis River channel between Lewis and Shoshone Lakes is full of browns currently as well.  Both lakes are fishing well near their inlets and outlets too.  Get there early to beat the rush! Best Flies: #16 X2 Caddis, #17 Iris Caddis, #20-22 Q’s Loopwing Baetis, #20 Pablo’s BWO Cripple, #18-20 Zebra Midge, #18-20 Baetis Soft Hackles, #6 JJ’s Special, #6 Black Leech

Yellowstone National Park - Lewis Lake

FTF owner Jason Balogh enjoys a Lewis Lake sunset after a recent trip.

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 8.8.10

It’s terrestrial time here in Yellowstone country!  The Yellowstone River tops the list for large cutthroat eating small hopper patterns, flying ants, and beetles.  PMD’s and caddis are still on the menu as well.  Cover a lot of water and look for noses tight to the banks or fish that are cruising.  Make a great cast and you will be rewarded with cutthroat up to 23″!  Tributaries to the Yellowstone, such as Blacktail Deer and Hell Roaring, fish well with mayfly attractors and hoppers.  Now is a great time to pick any creek in the Park and take a walk with your fly rod…. Closer to home, Lewis Lake has been fly fishing well during PMD hatch times 10am-12pm or so.  Cruise the shorelines and look for rises even if you don’t have a boat.  Caddis action in the evenings has been solid and offers up great fishing for brown trout to 20″.    Best Flies: #10-14 Grand Hoppers , #14-16 Flying Ants, #14-16 Black Beetles, #16 Royal Wulffs, #16 PMD Cripples

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 6.26.10

Summer has finally arrived in Yellowstone National Park!  Temps in the low 70’s and sunny skies have the fish and bugs active on a number of streams and rivers.  The Firehole River continues to fly fish well during PMD emergences beginning arond 9am.  PMD Spinner falls coincide with the emergence so be prepared to fish both.  I like floating PMD nymphs and  Rusty Spinners #16-18.  Caddis flies are in abundance during the evening hours and look for Damsel flies mid-day. Fly fish the water upstream of Fountain Flats as below here is getting warm and alot of the fish will move upstream in search of cooler water temps.  The Madison is fishing similarly to the Firehole with Yellow Sallies flying in the areas where there is broken water, especially near the junction.  Now is also a good time to explore some of the Park’s smaller waters such as Nez Perce Creek, the Gibbon River or lakes such as Grebe or Wolf Lake. Lewis Lake has been good in the West Bays and Brookie Bay for Lake trout and Browns with Clouser Minnows and Black Leeches on sinking lines. This week should see the Callibaetis hatching on the lake and also in the Lewis channel.   The Lake outlet down to the waterfall will have hatches of Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies and a few Caddis and the brown trout will line up to feed on them all! 

Madison River in Yellowstone

Blue skies on the Madison River below Mt. Haynes.

Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 6.17.10

Yellowstone National Park has been the place to be recently!  The Firehole River has been lights out through the entire length of river with amazing hatches and consistent dry flyfishing.  Baetis, PMD’s, and several species of caddis are all abundant.  Yes I said Baetis…  Mother Nature is in full effect with lots of rain and a few snow showers.   Forecasts are calling for sun and temps in the 70’s  this weekend. Bring it! Morning PMD spinner falls, mid-day hatches, and evening egg-laying caddis make this tour a full day event.  Job, What job?  Watching the evening caddis swarm is mind boggling and a hoot to fish! I enjoy swinging a White Miller soft hackle through this mess and watchin ’em leap! You gotta love Salmonflies!  This prehistoric giant of the bug world has been out in the lower Firehole canyon and near the Madison Junction.  Water Walkers and Sunken Stones are my go to’s when this is on.  Skate these flies across the surface for the most fun.  There are reports of a few Gray Drakes as well.  Let’s hope this hatch is stronger than in recent memory…. The next three weeks should prove to be great action on these rivers….

Madison River Salmonfly nymph

Rubberlegs make for great stonefly nymph imitations.

Yellowstone National Park opens

Yellowstone National Park opened to fishing last weekend!  Fly fishing was very good on both the Madison and Firehole Rivers.  The Firehole saw hatches of Caddis, BWO’s, and PMD’s and both rainbows and browns ate these bugs off the surface readily.  Swinging soft hackles was productive during non hatch periods. Salmonfly nymphs are migrating to the shorelines in the canyon stretch currently and look for them to hatch in the next week! The Madison fished well in the afternoons during BWO and PMD emergences.  Also look for Salmonfly nymphs to be effective in any riffle areas… Heavy rains this weekend have blown these rivers out, but look for fishing to be good as this surge subsides.  Lewis Lake is now ice-free!

Fly fishing the Firehole River

Fly fishing the Firehole River

Fly fishing the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

Adrian Holley holds a rainbow from the Firehole River.