Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.31.11

The Upper Green River near Pinedale, WY continues to fish well, especially in the mornings.  Getting to the river early is key as the fishing slows down around noon.  If you can put on at daybreak in the BLM campgrounds sections and fish the Gray Drake hatch.  Spinner patterns are deadly until about 8am and then switch to emerger or cripple patterns.  Golden Stones are a hoot to fish at anytime during the day, especially on the sections below Warren Bridge.  Nymphing has still been productive with Yellow Sally nymphs, San Juan worms, and CDC Pheasant Tails being the best flies. With these flows, we should be able to float the Green for weeks to come, which is unusual for this time of year!

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.24.11

Green River 5lb rainbow

Steve Bodenheimer hoists a hog!

The Green River near Pinedale,WY has begun to fish with some consistency recently.  Flows are dropping fast and currently sit at 1760 cfs.  This is the first time this river has been below 2000 cfs in over a month!  All of this great news for fishing on this fine river.  Nymph rigs are the name of the game with Rubberlegs, San Juan Worms, flashback PT’s, and Prince Nymphs producing some nice trout.  The fish here are fat and happy! There are numerous bugs hatching currently – Gray Drakes, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, and PMD’s.   Whitefish can be found feeding off the surface in some slow back eddies and soon the trout will join them!

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.8.11

Fly fishing on the Green River near Pinedale is still a bit slow with flows hovering around 3500 cfs.  This is huge for the Green! Water clarity is marginal, but it does look like flows are starting to drop.  Fishing will likely improve fairly quickly as this happens, as the fish in this river, especially brown trout, will eat nymphs and worms readily in off color water.  Bring it!

Green River Fishing Report 4.30.11

The Green River near Pinedale, WY has produced a few fish in the campground section above the Warren Bridge.  Nymph rigs fished in the deepest holes have produced.  Midge, BWO, and Stonefly nymphs are the way to go.  Fishing will improve if flows increase without blowing out the river.  The Green is running at 78cfs currently at Warren Bridge, which is a winter flow.  Flows around 300 cfs will be much better for fishing and floating.

Green River Fly Fishing Report 7.26.10

It has been awhile since we wrote a report on  the fly fishing conditions on the Green and we apologize!  The river has fished well with some large trout being caught, especially on nymphs.  Flows are finally steady around 600 cfs, which makes the fishing a bit more challenging.  Dry flies must be fished tight to structure and banks, with emphasis on tight!  As flows recede, this will increase your chances of hooking into a 20″+ trout.  As temperatures continue to get warmer, the best surface fishing window is shorter, beginning by 8am and ending at the latest by 1pm. Large atttractors are still working, as well as Gray Drake, Yellow Sally, and PMD  imitations. Cripples and Emerger patterns will fool those picky browns in slower water along the banks and in riffles.  Streamers are best in the early mornings during low light conditions.  Best Flies:  #8-10 Melon Bellies,   #8-12 Olive Water Walkers, #8-12 Red Willie’s Ant, #16 Yellow Stimulator, #12 Quad Quill Drake, #12 Drake Spinners, #16-18 Pablo’s Cripple PMD, #6 JJ’s Special, #6 Olive Silvey’s Sculpin

Green River Fly Fishing Report 6.25.10

The Green River near Pinedale, WY is fly fishing well! Water temperatures on the lower stretches below the Warren Bridge have finally increased enough to get the fish feeding.  Water clarity is at about 3 feet and improving.  Guide trips have produced good numbers of browns, including the 23 incher shown below.  Nymphs and streamers have been the ticket.  Best bugs to use are  – #6 Yuk Bugs and Rubberlegs, #12-14 PT’s and Princes, San Juan Worms, JJ’s Specials, Black Leeches, and Olive Sculpins.  We did see adult Golden Stones and Yellow Sallies actually on the water, so this means dry fly fishing should crank up in the next few days! 

23 inch Green River Brown trout

Bob Fitzgerald enjoys his catch from the Green River.