Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.23.11

Fly fishing on the Snake River has been pretty much non-existent so far this summer due to high flows from snowmelt. River flows are dropping like a stone on all of our tributaries currently and we expect to be floating the Snake by Aug. 1st.  The BuRec has begun dropping flows out of Jackson Lake Dam and they are on their way to 2800 cfs for the remainder of the summer.  This is going to mean excellent fishing conditions and happy fish!

Fly Fishing report Jackson Hole WY 5.23.11

Snake River flows are up to 7800 cfs out of the Dam, 9950 cfs at Moose, and 16,800 cfs in the Canyon.  Fly fishing is awesome right now – ha!  It is a great time to get out the raft and enjoy the whitewater.  Well,  if you can get to it  – the Double Draw mudslide just below Taco Hole has the highway closed, so you’ll have to drive around through Swan Valley to make it happen currently.  Check out this time lapse video of the Snake River Canyon slide in action this past weekend. WYDOT has deemed it safe to start debris removal from the highway, which will hopefully be completed in a few weeks.  This is all very weather dependent…… Oh and by the way, we’re under a Flash Flood Warning tonight due to impending rains…. 🙂  The Snake River Fund blog is a great place to get all of the latest news. The fishing will be good here this summer, just not until mid-July or so.  The good news? Fishing season in Yellowstone National Park opens this Saturday!

Fly Fishing Report Jackson Hole 4.30.11

Fly fishing on the Snake River in Jackson, WY has slowed due to our continued cold, wintry weather and high flows being released from Jackson Lake Dam.  Area reservoirs are being emptied to make room for the runoff from our dense snowpack, which currently sits at 160%!!  It’s looking like we’re going to have a late runoff on the Snake and other rivers.  This means we’ll be fishing Yellowstone National Park, the South Fork, and a few of our backcountry creeks through June  and into July this year.  Fall fishing is going to be fantastic after runoff subsides!

Mount Moran in Grand Teton Natioanl Park

Mount Moran from the Upper Snake River below Jackson Lake Dam.

Fly fishing report Jackson Hole 4.17.11

The fly fishing on the Snake River  in Jackson Hole was solid this week! At the beginning of the week the dry fly fishing was very good south of town below the South Park bridge.  Cutthroat were eating Midges and Baetis off the top.  The key was finding the pods of fish and spending some time casting to them. Best flies were Furimsky’s BDE#16 and #18 BWO Sparkle Duns. Lots of water is being released from the Jackson Lake Dam and flows are predicted to be 5000 cfs out of the dam by April 19th.  The increase in flows is slowing the dry fly bite, but streamers and nymphs are still producing.  Cutthroat are holding in their winter lies at this point, but I expect them to start taking advantage of more room in the water column.  The fishing will remain good through the rest of this month and into May when runoff begins. We are at 133% of snowpack, so it’s looking like a later start for our summer season, most likely mid-July for float trips on the Snake River.  Late summer and fall fly fishing is going to be fantastic! Pritchard, Elbow, and West Table boat ramps are all still covered in snow at this point.  Pritchard should open up this week.

April fly fishing Snake River

Matt Elliot loves the early season dry fly fishing in Jackson Hole!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 4.3.11

Man, has the fishing been good on the Snake River lately!  Spring really showed up the past 4 days with temperatures reaching in to the 50’s!  Lots of bugs were hatching, Midges, BWO’s, Caddis, Capnia Stoneflies, and even a few Skwalla Stoneflies.  Cutthroat were eating off the surface with regularity and between rising took nymphs readily. Best flies were #16-18 Black Copper Johns, #18-20 Zebra Midge, #8-10 Rubberlegs, #16-20 Para Adams, #20 Zelon Midge, #16 Peacock Caddis. Wilson, South Park, and Astoria boat ramps are all open and the float is on!  It was great to be back in the boat and be one of the very few on the river.  We will be running driftboat fly fishing  trips on the Snake River through the month of April and into May, so give us a call at 307-690-1139 or email at [email protected].

Fly fishing the Snake River in April

Frank Golding of ESPN enjoys fly fishing the Snake with no crowds.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 3.20.11

The fly fishing on the Snake River here in Jackson Hole has really picked up in the past week!  Spring weather has arrived with warmer afternoon temperatures reaching into the forties.  This may not sound warm, but to our Cutthroat it’s great news.  Midges and our Winter Stoneflies are hatching in good numbers and the fish have taken notice.  Recent winter walk wade fishing trips on the Snake have seen pods of fish rising after 3pm.  Prior to that nymphing with double fly rigs has been productive.  Best flies are #16 Prince Nymphs, #16 Black Copper Johns, #18 Red Midge Larva, #16-20 Griffith’s Gnats, #18-20 Parachute Adams. Water equivalency in the Snake River snowpack currently lies at 114%.  With full reservoirs and some of the wettest months of the year still ahead, we are looking great for water this year in the Yellowstone region!

winter fly fishing Snake River

A nice Snake River Cutthroat is released from one of our recent fishing trips.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 2.13.11

Jackson Hole never ceases to amaze me!  This week we had great powder skiing on the hill and this weekend warmed up and has been great for fly fishing on the Snake River.  Temps reached 40 degrees this afternoon, so at 1:30 pm I snowshoed out to the river to see if the cutthroat were active.  I didn’t see any rising fish, but did get a few to eat some nymphs fished about 8′ deep.  The best flies were a #18 Blood Red Midge Larva and a #20 Black Zebra Midge.  The sunset on the way out was gorgeous! 

Jackson Hole winter fly fishing

A nice Cutthroat that ate a Midge Larva.

  Currently the snowpack for the Snake River basin is at 109%, which is down slightly from the beginning of the year.  Typically our wettest months of the year are April and May, so we are still looking good for water flows this summer.  We are booking trips for the 2011 summer season and it looks to be a busy one! Call 307-690-1139 to reserve yours today.
Teton sunset

A beautiful end to the day!

Jackson Hole, WY Winter Fly Fishing Special

The fly fishing on the Snake River in Jackson Hole during the winter can be pretty good on our warmer afternoons. By warm we mean near or above freezing. On these days, we’ll forgo sunbathing for a little fishing! 🙂 If you’re looking for a break from the skiing, this is a great way to get some solitude on the river.

Winter fly fishing Jackson Hole

We supply all your fishing gear, snowshoes, extra layers, and hot drinks.

During the rest of January through the end of March, we are offering an afternoon half day winter fishing trip on the Snake River for one or two anglers for $225.  This involves snowshoeing in to the river and fly fishing the deeper runs during the warmest part of the day.  Typically this is nymph or streamer fishing, but there is a chance that some adult Midges will pop and we can fish dries to rising fish.  All gear is provided and we’ll pick you up, the only thing you’ll need is a Wyoming fishing license. Contact JB at 307-690-1139 to book a trip.
Snake River Cutthroat trout in winter

Slowly swung streamers can pick up some hungry fish.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 1.10.11

It’s been awhile since our last Snake River fly fishing report, so we thought we’d catch you up.  The latter half of November was chilly and did produce some decent fishing days, especially in the afternoons with streamers.  Winter showed up in full force Thanksgiving week and slowed down the bite with below freezing temps and lots of snow.  There were a couple of days in mid December where temps reached 40 degrees and the fish were active once again.  Nymphing the #18 Red Copper John/Zebra Midge combo produced some nice cutthroat trout to 16″ on these days. The best fishing was south of the town of Jackson as it usually is during the winter months.    It’s been very snowy ever since and we are currently sitting at 116% of water content in our snowpack!  This bodes well for both bugs and fish this upcoming summer if this La Nina pattern continues.  We are looking forward to (read daydreaming about) this summer’s fishing!  We are currently booking guided fishing trips, so call now to reserve yours. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest on our fly fishing conditions. 

Snake River Cutthroat Trout

A mid winter's daydream!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 11.10.10

Fly fishing on the Snake River here in Jackson Hole remains very good!  Warm weather has been good for Midge hatches beginning around noon.  There have also been BWO’s present, but this hatch will intensify with the nastier weather that is supposed to arrive this week.  Streamers have been productive through the day, but best in the late afternoons.  Cutthroat are podded up in slow riffles and at the ends of longer runs.  They will remain in these winter lies until May.  Stay tuned for more reports on the Snake through the winter. Best Flies: Griffith’s Gnat #18-20, Zelon Midge #20, Pablo’s BWO Cripple #18-20, Parachute Adams #18-20, #4 Olive/White Clouser Minnows, #6 Black Leech

Fly fishing Snake River

Steve Mock and a nice cutthroat that ate a Midge.