Salt River fly fishing report 7.29.13

The Salt River between Thayne and Alpine WY has been a lot of fun lately! There are plenty of bugs to fish on the surface or below- Stoneflies, Hoppers, Caddis, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, and Craneflies. I like to use the hopper/dropper technique on this river since there are Cutthroat, Browns, and a few Rainbows here that all are looking for foods in different forms. Streamers are a good way to go on cloudy days, especially since the Palisades Reservoir is down to 24%. All of the trout that live in the Reservoir have to go somewhere!

Daniel and Mitch Meaders enjoy a double from the Salt River.

Jackson Hole Fly fishing report 7.24.13

Fly fishing here in the Jackson Hole valley has been pretty good lately.  The tributaries to the Snake like the Gros Ventre, Hoback, and Buffalo Rivers have been good places to be. Recent rains have blown these rivers out occasionally over the past couple of weeks, but overall this is a good thing for cooler water temperatures. There is good action on medium sized Hoppers, PMD’s, and Caddis. Our backcountry creeks have fished well too.  Rainstorms washed out a few of these, but it also helped the water temperatures and bug hatches.  Hoppers, Grey Drakes, PMD’s, Caddis, and some Yellow Sallies are bringing up some good sized trout! Action has been more mid-day and in to the afternoon as these creeks warm up…

Ray Jones Jr. holds a great backcountry Cutthroat

Fly fishing report Jackson Hole 7.14.13

It’s been awhile since my last fishing report for the Jackson Hole area, so it’s time to catch you up… The best fishing in the Jackson Hole valley is taking place on our backcountry creeks.  These fish see light pressure and eat dry flies readily.  Recent Golden Stonefly hatches are pulling up Cutthroat trout up to 18″ to eat these big bugs. Water Walkers, Chubby Chernobyls, and Circus Peanuts are great flies for this action.  We’ve also been fishing #10-12 Yellow PMX’s for the Yellow Sallies, and #12 Parachute Adams for Grey Drakes.  A Yellow Stimulator seems to always to do well for either Sallies or Caddis… The Snake River is flowing at 6400 cfs at Moose currently.  This is a little high for this time of year and has slowed the dry fly fishing some.  Nymphs are pulling up the best fish south of the town of Jackson- Rubberlegs, Cased Caddis, Prince, and Copper Johns. Some smaller trout are eating dry flies, especially in slower water and side channels. The Snake River in GTNP is fishing better on dry flies than down lower. Stonefly patterns are bringing up nice Cutthroat even in the faster main stem. Side channels are still the best way to go with some smaller PMD or Yellow Sally patterns…

Vivian Hernandez holds a beauty from the lower Snake recently

Fly Fishing report – Jackson Hole backcountry 6.27.13

Our JH backcountry creeks have really taken off!  Hatches of Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis have our native Cutthroat chowing down.  These trout are eating off the surface with abandon from mid-morning on. So grab a rod, your wading boots and go find some solitude!

Green Drake

Freshly hatched Green Drake from a Jackson Hole backcountry creek

Jackson Hole backcountry trout

A gorgeous Yellowstone Cutthroat from one of our creeks

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing report – 6.10.13

Here’s the latest on fly fishing conditions in Jackson Hole, WY – Backcountry creeks – these are all high and muddy with the exceptionally warm weather over the past five days.  I’m thinking this will peak this weekend and we will be able to start guiding on these creeks sometime next week. Soda Lake is a gem that continues to shine with large trophy Cutthroat being caught daily.  Expect to see a few folks, since this is one of the better games in town currently. Snake River – 7100 cfs at Moose and blown out currently. The Buffalo Fork is pumping in alot of mud and will continue to do so for the next week to ten days. We expect to be guiding here at the end of June. Jenny Lake in GTNP – we don’t run guided fishing trips here, but we love to fish it in June.  Why? Consistent action for Cutthroat  and Lake trout in the shallows.  Sight fishing to cruising trout over sandy bottoms with flying ant patterns or nymphs is a blast! If that isn’t happening, fishing small leech patterns or Clousers on a sinking line near the inlets is productive.

Josh McArtor and guide Josh Hanna enjoy a fattie from Soda Lake

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report – 5.16.13

Well the rivers around here are blown out and will be for awhile yet.  The Snake blew out on May 7th, but we had great fly fishing up until then.  The Skwalas gave us amazing surface action between Moose and South Park. Currently our snowpack is at 59% of normal in the Snake River basin and 46% in the Upper Green River.  Unless we receive a couple of heavy fronts, we will be back on these rivers earlier than usual, possibly by mid-June.  It’s predicted to rain this weekend, but it doesn’t look like it will bring too much snow to higher elevations.  Warmer than average temperatures and below average precipitation are what’s predicted for the next few weeks…

Chris Cusack holds a nice Cutt from ur last pre-runoff guided fishing trip

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing – guides report 4.29.13

The Snake River here in Jackson Hole has been on fire! Skwala Stoneflies are out between Moose and Hoback and our Cutthroat are very much aware.  The river is blown out below Hoback.  Dry/dropper combinations are working well, with Stonefly patterns such as #8-10 Olive Stimulators, Fat Alberts, or Chocolate Chernobyls up top.  Droppers can be Midge, Baetis, or Caddis imitations hung about 2-3 feet below the surface. It looks like the Snake will continue to fish well for at least another week before runoff hits….

Jackson Hole fly fishing – guides report 4.22.13

It’s Skwala time!!  I had a chance to float the Snake yesterday afternoon with fellow guide Josh Hanna and we had excellent fishing.  The weather was a mixed bag of sunshine, rain, and wind so we expected to be fishing streamers mostly and  possibly find a Baetis hatch. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our Cutthroat were looking up for #10-12 Skwala Stonefly imitations! The dry fly fishing was fantastic and numerous large Cutties ate this tasty morsel out of a variety of water types including riffles, banks, seams, and back eddies.  It was the best surface action I’ve seen yet this Spring and promises to continue, especially with warm temperatures forecasted to return at the end of the week…

Snake River Cutthroat with a #10 Skwala pattern in its mouth

Fly fishing Jackson Hole – Guide’s Report 4.8.13

JH fly fishing March 2013

Gotta love warm March weather!!

What a great few weeks!  Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures have made for excellent fly fishing on the Snake River.  The majority of our valley snowpack is now gone and there is good access at Moose, Wilson, South Park, Astoria and Elbow boat ramps. Game on! Our Cutthroat are loving it with good bug options – Midges, BWO’s, and small Black/Brown Stones.  Riffles, shallow seams and side channels are all holding rising trout daily from noon until dusk. Nymphing and throwing streamers are still good bets, especially in deeper, slow runs. Best flies: #14-18 Furimsky’s BDE, #14-16 Black Caddis, #16-18 Para Adams, #12-16 PT’s and Hare’s Ears, #14-16 Black AP Nymph, #6 Olive or Black Buggers
Fly fishing from our AIRE raft

Marc Wolpow and fish on!

Jeff Lloyd cradles an 18" Snake River Cutthroat

Fly Fishing Jackson Hole – Guides report 3.29.13

Wow, the fly fishing on the Snake River is on fire right now!  We are seeing large pods of trout rising daily between 10am-3pm.  Our larger Midge species is showing, as are Little Black Stones, and a few Blue-Winged Olives.  It’s still early for Skwala and Brown Stoneflies, but the way this Spring is shaping up, we should see a significant hatch through the month of April. Best Flies: #12-18 Zebra Midge red/black/brown, #16-18 Furimsky’s BDE Black/Green, #12-16 PT’s, #16 Black PMX, #14-16 Ice Cream Cone

Leah Suriwka shows her family how its done!