Salt River near Thayne, WY Fly Fishing Report 7/21/16

The Salt River between Afton and Alpine, Wyoming is one of the Jackson Hole region’s great fisheries, and is fishing exceptionally well right now.  Wyoming Game and Fish did a little shocking last week, but the effects of that are gone and the fishing is back on track.  The Salt River is flowing at a nice pace of 46 cfs at Crow Creek near Fairview, Wyoming and is flowing at 484 cfs near Etna, Wyoming. The dry fly fishing is great on the Salt currently!  Bring along some PMD Sparkle Duns (size 14-16), Yellow Sallies (size 14-16), and your favorite Foam attractor in pink, purple, or red (size 10).  Also bring along some Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and Pheasant Tails to drop 18″ below your bigger foam bug.  The Snake River Cutthroat and Brown trout are hungry with all of these options, no matter if the fly is on top of the water or just beneath. The Salt River can be a great place to escape the crowds, not too many people venture over to this smaller gem.  But, our guides are extremely familiar with this river and love to fish it as much as possible!  

Cutthroat trout from the Salt River

Steve Bodenheimer with a Snake River Cutthroat trout from the Salt River!


Salt River Fishing Report 7/5/16

Sorry it has been so long since we have written a fly fishing report on the Salt River in Star Valley, WY.  The Salt River is fishing very well right now, flowing at a nice pace of 62 cfs at Crow Creek and 605 cfs in Etna, Wyoming before it enters the Palisades Reservoir.

The Cutthroat Trout are rising for an Orange Crush or a Circus Peanut.  The trout will also take a size 10 Copper John hanging off the bottom of some foam!  The Salt River is also known for having a Salmon Fly Hatch, one of the few rivers around Jackson that plays host to one of the greatest hatches in fly fishing!

The Salt River between Afton and Alpine Wyoming boasts roughly a 1000 fish per mile, which is impressive for a river this size.  The Salt River is also a great place to hunt for a trophy Brown Trout making its way up from the Palisades Reservoir. The Salt River runs through Star Valley and offers unique pastoral scenery, which makes the Salt River a great Jackson Hole fly fishing destination!  The main attraction for the Salt River is the prized Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout, who span from 8-16 inches!   While floating the Salt River do not be surprised if you do not see another boat the whole day!  Our guides have been to the Salt River this past week, and they said it has been off the charts!

A mangled Orange Crush Fly after a day on the Salt River!