Summit on the Snake 6.2.12

The Snake River Fund hosted the 14th annual Summit on the Snake yesterday at the Teton Science School.  This is a very informative day on local and regional issues and trends.  Highlights included talks on Birds of Prey, Pack rafting, and Flat Creek restoration in town.  This event is held for all river people, commercial and private, and hosts some interesting speakers from around the West. Looking forward to next year!

Jason Jones of the Teton Raptor Center with a Golden Eagle

Summit on the Snake tomorrow

The annual Summit on the Snake takes place tomorrow Saturday June 4, 2011 at the Teton Science Schools Jackson Campus.  This year there are a variety of excellent speakers from organizations such as American Rivers, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Teton Raptor Center, Trout Unlimited, Grand Teton National Park, NOLS, and Aerie Wilderness Medicine.  See you there!

Fish the Fly in the news

I had the opportunity to take Robert Bundy, Editor for the Third Coast Digest out of Milwaukee, out for an afternoon of fly fishing this past fall on the Snake River.  See what he has to say about his Jackson Hole fly fishing guide  and the rest of his trip to Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Rated Most Romantic Ski Resort

American Express Travel recently named Jackson Hole it’s #1 Ski Destination for romantic couples.  Typically the resort town gets accolades for it’s terrain or snow quality, but this time the amenities are shining the brightest. We like to think it’s pretty special during the summer as well…….

Honoring Our Veterans

I was fortunate to spend a day fishing with veterans of the Iraq Wars yesterday.  They are part of the Honoring Our Veterans group that is visiting Jackson Hole currently.  These guys were all injured in combat and have fulfilled their service to our country.  Most have endured multiple surgeries over the past years and are piecing their lives back together.  Despite all of that, they were the most upbeat crew I’ve fished with all summer! We spent the day at the Jackson Fork Lodge near Bondurant, WY learning to cast a fly and then fishing their lake for cutthroat.  After a quick lesson on the lodge’s lawn, we moved to the lake and caught some nice fish! It was truly an honor to fish with these Vets and I look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks to Sandra Bockman of the Jackson Hole Chamber, Nick Strelchuk of Reel Life Recoveries, and Becky Lucina of the Jackson Fork Lodge for making this special day happen.

Sgt. Morris Williams Sr. and his first cutthroat trout.


Sgt. Chris Middleton holds a pig!

WY Senator Mike Enzi comes to town

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi held his annual fund raiser yesterday and Fish the Fly was proud to host the fishing portion of the event.  We had 14 boats spread out through the entire length of the Snake river from Grand Teton National Park all the way down to the whitewater section south of town.  This is our 4th year hosting this event and we look forward to next year! Everyone had great time and fishing reports came back very solid for all stretches.  Our fall Claasenia Stonefly has begun its hatch on the whole river and this has the cutthroat chasing big bugs on the surface.  Localized PMD and Yellow Sally hatches are still important and fish will focus on them in certain areas where they are hatching.  A few pickier fish are eating Caddis and Beetles as well. Look for a more detailed report soon….

WY Senator Mike Enzi enjoys his fly fishing event in Jackson Hole!

Snake River is busy; Proposition 8 vote coming August 17th

There has been alot going on on the Snake River recently!  We are in the height of the summer season and have had a few accidents.  Lives have been saved by quick actions from both guides and River Rangers.  Check out the Snake River Fund blog for specific information.  While there, please read about Proposition 8 and if you’re local- vote for it!  This is a great way to get a hold on the busiest section of river in the valley, Wilson-South Park. The list of reasons to vote for this Proposition is long and varied, not only for fly fishing interests but the general public as well.  Absentee ballots can be picked up at the County offices and returned at anytime before August 17th. The Wild Trout Symposium will be held in West Yellowstone September 28-30, 2010. Session topics include: Climate Change and Wild Trout; Economic and Cultural Values of Wild Trout; Genetic Considerations for Managing Wild Trout; Wild Trout in the face of Invasive Species and Diseases; Management and Conservation of Wild Trout; and Resource Extraction and Wild Trout Restoration Efforts.  This is a great to excuse to visit the area and learn about the latest conservation efforts.

Summit on the Snake

Yesterday I attended the Summit on the Snake, a day-long watershed education conference that provides all river enthusiasts with education that inspires them to care for and connect with the Snake River. One of the hot topics for this year’s event was presentation by doctoral candidate Kris Homel on the Spawning, Distribution, and Movement Patterns of the Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat in the Snake River below Jackson Lake. In 2007 and 2008, Fish the Fly guides participated in the catching and tagging of cutthroat trout for this study.  Fish were implanted with radio transmitters and returned to the river.  Migratory patterns and spawning habits were then recorded over the past three years.  Interesting findings included that one fish moved over 110 km from the Upper Snake to the Greys River! Another fish swam over 45 km during January when most cutthroat were thought to be dormant.  Over 57% of tagged fish made spawning migrations while some cutthroat spawn in the river.  Stay tuned for more findings from this study…

Inserting radio transmitters into trout.

Kris Homel inserts a radio transmitter into a trout for her migration study.

Kids Fishing Day 2010

Wyoming Game and Fish held its annual Kids Fishing Day this past Saturday at the Jackson Hole National Fish Hatchery. It was well attended  by 96 kids and their parents!  Kids from ages 6-13 years are welcome and taught about river ecology, bug life, and tying knots.  Then they get to fish the hatchery pond for free.  It is very encouraging to see so many kids get excited about all things fishing!

Kids of all ages love bugs!

Jackson Hole bug guru Jay Buchner teaches kids about nymphs that live in our local rivers.

Snake River Cleanup

Fish the Fly guides and friends participated in the annual Snake River cleanup sponsored by the Snake River Fund.  We picked up trash along the river at Astoria boat ramp and 2 miles of road near the ramp and down to Pritchard boat ramp.  FTF is proud to give back to the resource that gives so much to us!

Fish the Fly picks up traash along the Snake River.

Brooke Walles, Adrian Holley, Tim Smith, and Spencer Van Schaack enjoy the Snake River cleanup.