July fly fishing in Jackson Hole WY

Fly fishing report Jackson Hole – Snake River 9.13.12

Man, I love fall! Not that I’m ready to dawn all of my winter gear yet, just love the trees changing color and Cutthroat feeding voraciously. The Snake River fished very well for the Jackson Hole One Fly event this past weekend.  I guided Deadman’s – Moose both days and it fished well with #12-14 Hecubas, #12-14 Flying Ants, and a few Stoneflies.  Saturday was cool to start and when the fishing got going, all of the trout in the river were up and feeding.  They ate the Hecuba well, but we also had a fair number of refusals. Maybe it was because we had 3x tied on? Some fish really don’t seem to care, yet others do…. Sunday was warmer overnight and the trout responded earlier.  Flying Ants were a really good choice as the Cutties ate them from first to last cast.  The problem was getting them to stay on the line with a smaller hook.  We finally got it dialed by angling the rod tip more to one side or the other and scored well. Thanks to all who put on the event and especially Under Armour, Smith Sunglasses, and Thomas and Thomas Fly rods.

Hopefully, they won't find me here....

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