Fly Fishing report South Fork of the Snake River 7.23.13

The fly fishing on the South Fork of the Snake has slowed some recently from the heights of the Stonefly hatches, but it is still producing some good action. The Upper reach below Palisades Dam down to Conant and from Byington to Lorenzo have been the best this past week.  There is some surface action on the Upper with #8 Yellow CFO Ants, #10 Grand Hoppers, #12-14 Flying Ant patterns, and #14-16 EC Caddis.  This is best in the mornings and slows by noon, so get there early! Droppers for these big bugs about 2-3 feet down help keep the action going in the afternoons – #18-20 Bubbleback PMD Emergers, #14-18 Lightening Bugs, #14-16 Zug Bugs, #14 Tung Reckoning

Margaret Culbertson fishes a South Fork side channel riffle

Flows were dropped to 11,800 cfs today and expect them to keep dropping since inflow is still less than outflow…

Bill Overdyke gets it done on the Upper South Fork

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