Green River Fly Fishing Report

I’m happy to say that Green River fly fishing season is here! Fly fishing on the Green has really started to pick up over the past weeks. This a great time to find some of the best trout on the Green River. Our guided fly fishing trips on the Green River are producing quality trout versus greater catch numbers.

Recent rains and warm air temperatures have caused flows at Warren Bridge to increase to 3000 cfs. The snowpack is still melting out of the mountains and is currently at 136% of average, so runoff will continue for at least another few 2-3 weeks. Water temps are still chilly, but the trout don’t seem to mind!

Your best chance to hook a trophy will be with wet flies, so look for trout to be holding in soft currents and on the edges of riffles. Keep your nymphs deep and make sure you take your time on these water types. The fish are in there, but sometimes it takes 5-10 drifts to entice them to eat. It may seem repetitive to make the same cast over and over, but the trout have to see the fly to eat it. With lower visibility in murky water, patience will pay off.  Higher river flows puts a lot of food into the water column and the trout are looking for it.

There is no need to overthink your fly choices. Flies with some flash or a larger profile are really all you need. If they aren’t eating it, it’s more likely that they haven’t seen it versus being the wrong fly.  Our guides have using double nymph rigs and tying on San Juan worms in all colors,#4-6 Brown/Black  Rubber legs, #10-12 Red or Gold Copper Johns, #10-12 Flashback Pheasant tails and Hares ears.  Using a Black Leech as your point fly in this rig is effective also.
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Green River fly fishing

Jane Fortune is all smiles with this Green River brown trout

Green River fly fishing

Larry Fortune and a beautiful brown trout