The Green River in Pinedale, Wyoming  is in mid-summer form, with flows dropping due to the hot weather.  Flowing at 381 cfs below Warren Bridge near Daniel, Wyoming and flowing at 1250 cfs below the Fontenelle Reservoir.  Cottonwood Creek flows into the Green River beneath Daniel which creates a small influx of water level which can create good dry fly fishing.   With the dropping water levels the trout have started to congregate in the deeper runs.  Smaller Chubby’s, Golden Stones, PMD Nymphs, and Copper Johns are all good options to fish in these deep pools.  Hoppers should start coming out as well with the hot weather, along with beetles and ants.   With lower flows it is best to fish in front of the boat, and make sure that all your line is above the fly.  You want your fly to be the first thing these fish see.  The Green River would be a good option for a single fly fisherman and guide. This way the fly fisherman can always be fishing in front of the drift boat.   It is best to get to the Green early in the morning with the cooler temperatures, once the day starts to heat up so does the water and the fish become less active.


Yet another happy client with Fish the Fly guide Will Pierce!