Guiding Philosophy

This is our guiding philosophy here, at Fish the Fly. It is what we offer for each and every angler who chooses to come fly fishing with us on the beautiful rivers and creeks around Jackson Hole. We always have these things in mind when we guide you fly fishing.

It’s Your Day!

When you book with Fish the Fly Guide Service, we will give you a call to start the process of making this your best fishing trip ever. We will answer any of your questions and tell you what to expect from us.

Amazing Guides

To be an amazing guide requires many different skill sets. First, you must be a reliable person able to hold an intelligent conversation. Easier said than done. A guide must possess all the skills and confidence of a great angler – knowledge of trout habitat and behavior, entomology as it relates to trout diet and proper fly choice, excellent casting, mending, and hooking and playing of trout.

To be an amazing guide, one must be a great angler and then know how to pass that knowledge along while rowing a boat! Our guides are amazingly patient and understand what it takes to reach clients from different walks of life. All of this with a smile!

Proper Landing, Handling, and Catch & Release

These are wild fish living in wild rivers! Our fisheries aren’t stocked as you would see in other drainages. We are fortunate to have wild, naturally reproducing populations and on the Snake River these are native Cutthroat trout that have been here thousands of years. Angling pressure on our rivers is increasing, largely due to guided fishing trips, and if we kept fish, our trout populations would decline quickly

Therefore, we focus on teaching about water temperatures that are lethal to trout, proper fish landing and handling skills (#keepemwet) and promote catch and release. It’s all of our responsibility to help ensure a healthy fishery for the future!

Water temperatures 68 degrees Fahrenheit and higher can be lethal to trout, due to decreased available oxygen in the water column. When this happens, we start and end our guided fishing trips earlier so we are not fishing at those elevated water temperatures. This helps to reduce fish mortality.

To land fish quicker, our guides use stouter tippets and barbless hooks. A stouter tippet (thicker leader) helps land fish quicker and stresses them less. Barbless hooks do less damage/scarring to the fish overall. Yes, a few more fish may get off the hook, but that speaks to the whole goal of becoming a better angler.

It takes the same amount of time that the fish was on the line to revive a trout therefore, it is crucial to remove the hook quickly and get the trout back in the water. We understand taking a photo and appreciating the fish. Your guide will keep the fish in his rubberized net until you are ready for a quick photo. Wet your hands before handling the fish and hold the fish in the water facing upstream before you a quick lift and releasing the trout.