Winter fly fishing in Jackson Hole? You bet! It can be brutally cold during December and January in Jackson Hole, but when fronts move in and start dropping snow, the temperatures rise often to right around freezing or just above.  A regular heat wave!  This gets the bugs and fish active, especially in the afternoons. Midge hatches are the name of the game, and typically nymphing is the way to go this time of year.  We like to use a #12-14 Black Stonefly or Pheasant Tail as the point fly and drop a #18 Black or Red Zebra Midge 18″ behind it.  Total depth of about 6-7 feet should do the trick.  Swinging small Black leech patterns can also be effective.  Look for slack water just below the riffles or at the ends of long runs….


Winter fly fishing in Jackson Hole, WY