There has been alot of ice in the Snake River the past week, due to our below freezing temperatures.  I’ve been waking up to -20 degrees and we’ve been lucky if the highs make 10 degrees or so in the afternoons. This isn’t making for good fishing currently, but will improve over the weekend and into next week… We received a few inches of light density snow on Tuesday that made for some decent skiing, but we’re now into our temperature inversions.  Cold air is trapped in the valley and it is 30+ degrees above 10,000 feet. It is warming up enough in the afternoons that it will be worth getting out and doing a little nymphing with different Midge patterns. We’ve dropped to 96% of water equivalency in our snowpack from around 130% at Christmas.  Despite high pressure dominating for the next week, we are still in good shape for the summer, as April and May are typically our wettest months of the year.  Snow returns next Thursday….