Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 7.28.10

Snake River Fly fishing on the Snake has been very good since our last report.  The Goldens have made their way upstream and can still be found between Pacific Creek and Moose.  PMD and Yellow Sallies hatches remain solid and keep the fish rising throughout the system.  Caddis have been important, especially early in the morning on our guided trips.  The nymphs of all three of these bugs have been the droppers (2′) under bugs like the #10 Chubby Chernobyl or Melon Belly. Check out this nice 18″ brown trout (rare for the Snake) that Aaron Hollern caught on a recent trip…

Snake River brown trout

Aaron Hollern and guide Tim Smith celebrate a nice 18" brown trout from the lower Snake.

  Backcountry All of our backcountry creeks are in fne shape currently.  On a couple of them, the water temperaures on the lower end of the creek are high enough that some fish have dropped out of the system.  This means the upper reaches are the place to be!  The farther you go the better it is…. On our larger creeks, the water level have dropped and the bigger cutthroat are still easily found.  These creeks will be in prime fly fishing shape for the next month or so.  I had a great day with Allison and John Pacifico recently. These two “city slickers” were new to fly fishing and had never been in a designated wilderness before.  So beyond the Wilderness boundary we went and caught over two dozen fish! #12 Yellow PMX’s and Humpies were the ticket on this day, but we will be looking for hoppers soon. 
Hiking in the Jackson Hole backcountry

Allison and John Pacifico cross a beaver dam on the way to the promised land.

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