Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 9.07.10

Fall weather has arrived in Jackson Hole since our last fly fishing report.  We have had a few frosts already and this has really woken up our mayflies on both the Snake River and Fish Creek.  Hecuba Drakes, Mahogany Duns, and Baetis are all hatching currently and hatch times vary depending on the weather.  On cool sunny days, bugs arrive around 11am and on cloudy days it’s more of an afternoon affair.  It’s been worth it to fish in the rain as this is when every fish in the river is on the surface feeding.  The Hecubas pour off the water, especially side channels, on these gray days.  I’m surprised that any of these bugs survive after watching them hatch one afternoon and seeing how voraciously the cutthroat feed on them! Flying ants started swarming last week in the afternoons and this is a great option for picky fish that refuse other flies presented to them….

A beautiful fall day in Jackson Hole.

Earl Downs holds a nice cuttie that ate a Mahogany Dun.

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