Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 8.21.10

Snake River The Snake River through the Jackson Hole valley has remained consistent dry fly fishing since our last report.  Our fall stonefly, Claasenia Sabulosa, has begun to emerge in all sections and has kept the cutthroat looking up for big bugs, especially early and late in the day. Look for these to continue into September and twitch those flies!  PMD’s and Little Yellow Stones are still popping around 11am and fish key in on them in those riffles where they are present in good numbers. Grasshoppers, Beetles, and Flying Ants are becoming more important on our warmer afternoons.  Rhyacophilia Caddis are out and about and give you another option for dry flies.  We will start looking for Timponoga Hecuba mayflies to emerge in the last part of this month on our cloudy days… Best Flies: #8-10 Olive, Tan, Purple Water Walkers, #10-12 Red Fat Alberts, #16 Q’s Sparkle Stacker, #12-14 Lime PMX, #12 Yellow Stimmies, #12 Tan, Green Grand Hopper

Mmmmm, I love stoneflies!

Backcountry Creeks Some of our larger, and therefore colder, backcountry creeks are still fishing well.  We are still seeing Grey Drakes on these creeks and the cutthroat dig them!  If you look closely, you will see a few Claasenia Sabulosa shucks on the more oxygenated riffles, so larger Stonefly patterns are in play and have been productive early in the mornings.  Grasshoppers are coming into play more each day…..  The smaller creeks are a bit too warm in their lower reaches to be very productive, but if you like to hike they can be very rewarding higher up where the water temps are cooler…
Wyoming backcountry cutthroat

Ro Thompson holds a nice backcountry cuttie.

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