Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report 9.12.11

The Jackson Hole One Fly event was this past weekend and was a great success.  Warm, sunnier weather prevailed which meant that fishing larger stonefly and hopper type patterns was in order.  Plus people can see them all day!  The Snake in Jackson fished well with Moose-Wilson scoring the highest closely followed by Deadman’s-Moose, both in GTNP.  Stoneflies scored well, but so did smaller mayfly patterns, especially for pickier fish.   From Wilson Bridge down, mayfly patterns like Hecubas or Mahogany Duns produced more consistently.  Basically the idea is to show them something they haven’t seen before…

Jackson Hole One Fly

Amazing weather for the JH One Fly!

Over on the South Fork in Idaho, the Upper stretch from Palisades Dam to Spring Creek Bridge scored the highest.  Riffle fishing with mayfly cripples brought the biggest fish to the net.  Foam bugs that represented the Mutant Stone did well for those that were able to twitch them close to bank structure. The weekend was great fun and raised alot of dollars for regional fisheries improvement projects.  Special thanks to Under Armour, Coors, Frontiers Travel, and Hyde Drift Boats for sponsoring this year’s event!

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