Jackson Hole, Wyoming Backcountry Fly Fishing Report 7/25/16

Despite recent wildfire activity in Wyoming, our backcountry creeks are fishing very well!  Jackson Hole, Wyoming has many different backcountry fly fishing locations, many of which do not get fished very often and are relatively remote.  If you like being the only fisherman on the water, and not seeing another angler all day, the backcountry of Wyoming is the fly fishing spot for you. The cutthroat trout in Wyoming’s backcountry are opportunistic and looking to feed! Caddis, Green and Grey Drakes, and PMD’s are always popular in the backcountry.  The cutthroat are still eating Stoneflies, with a Circus Peanut bringing up lots of trout. Give your foam bug some extra movement on top of the water; try skating it across the surface heading away from the bank.  The grass hoppers are also starting to come out, so if you see some hopping around the bank do not hesitate to throw one on the end of your line!  Fly fishing in the Backcountry of Wyoming is a great full day trip, which all fishermen can enjoy.

An old Elk on the river bank of one of our Backcountry creeks!

Flawless Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout caught in the Wyoming Backcountry!


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