My oh my, has it been a snowy Winter here in Jackson Hole! February brought us significant moisture and we have the deepest snowpack to date ever!

Jackson Hole Feb 2017

Is there a Van underneath there?

We currently sit at 152% of water content in our snow pack. This is great news for our fisheries since we’ve seen a few dry years in a row as it will replenish our aquifers for this year and next. It will bring some Spring flooding and we will have to wait a bit longer to fish our rivers, but it will be worth it. The Bureau of Reclamation has already begun raising flows on the South Fork to 6750 cfs to make room for runoff. Flows for the Upper Snake here through Jackson will most likely be raised this coming week to roughly 1000 cfs from 300cfs. Our fly fishing season has picked up some as of late with warmer air temperatures above freezing and reaching 40 degrees. This has sparked our Spring midge hatch and a few Little Black Stones and our Cutthroat are looking for them. Mostly this is sub-surface activity with #14-18 Red or Black Copper Johns, #16-18 Zebra Midges, and smaller Stonefly imitations, but there are a few trout looking up to eat off the surface mid-afternoon. The streamer bite is slow, but might pick up a few trout if they are just swung through the current and not stripped. The best news is that we are running guided fly fishing trips! Give us a call at 307-690-1139 or shoot an email to [email protected] to get a date with one of our guides.