South Fork of the Snake River fly fishing report 10.19.12

The Clear Creek Group Advisory Board enjoys great fall weather on the South Fork

The South Fork has really picked up this week!  We had some rain at the beginning of the week and overnight temperatures dropped in to the 20’s.  This really woke up the brown trout, especially on the lower river below Cottonwood.  Throwing streamers has been great in the mornings and into the afternoon until about 2:30pm.  Think dark colors for early and late and then olive and tan during the middle of the day when the sun is high. Hatches of BWO’s, Mahogany Duns, PMD’s, and October Caddis have been starting around noon and keep the trout feeding off the surface until about 5pm.  The riffles are stacked with hungry fish that know winter is approaching.  I like to throw a double dry fly rig with an October Caddis out front and Mahogany Cripples trailing.  The caddis is great on fast water margins and bank-side pockets and the Cripple fools the pickier fish in slower water… Best Flies: #4 Bob’s Bugger, #6 Natural Intruder, #16-18 Mahogany/PMD Brooks Sprout, #10-12 Tan Tent wing Caddis, #18 BWO Film Critic, #16-18 Red Tailwater Humpy

David Moxam of the Clear Creek Group holds one of many nice trout from yesterday.

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