Summit on the Snake

Yesterday I attended the Summit on the Snake, a day-long watershed education conference that provides all river enthusiasts with education that inspires them to care for and connect with the Snake River. One of the hot topics for this year’s event was presentation by doctoral candidate Kris Homel on the Spawning, Distribution, and Movement Patterns of the Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat in the Snake River below Jackson Lake. In 2007 and 2008, Fish the Fly guides participated in the catching and tagging of cutthroat trout for this study.  Fish were implanted with radio transmitters and returned to the river.  Migratory patterns and spawning habits were then recorded over the past three years.  Interesting findings included that one fish moved over 110 km from the Upper Snake to the Greys River! Another fish swam over 45 km during January when most cutthroat were thought to be dormant.  Over 57% of tagged fish made spawning migrations while some cutthroat spawn in the river.  Stay tuned for more findings from this study…

Inserting radio transmitters into trout.

Kris Homel inserts a radio transmitter into a trout for her migration study.

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