Wyoming is the newest state to implement mandatory
invasive species boat stickers for all boats on WY
waters. As of May 17,2010, all watercraft over 10
feet in length are required to purchase a sticker.
Funds generated by these stickers will pay to
educate the public about AIS,and fund prevention
efforts to keep AIS from being introduced into
Wyoming, such as watercraft inspections, enforcement,
and implementation of AIS regulations. The Wyoming
legislature also appropriated $1.5 million in general
fund monies to fund AIS prevention.

Costs are as follows -
Motorized watercraft registered in WY - $10
Motorized watercraft registered in another state - $30
Non-motorized watercraft owned by WY resident - $5
Non-motorized watercraft owned by a non-resident - $15

Stickers can be purchased on WGFD website or any
automated license selling agent across Wyoming.
Stickers are valid until December 31 of the year