Yellowstone Fishing Report 6.9.15

Fly fishing in Yellowstone Park has been pretty fun lately! There are a few venues worth visiting at this point – Firehole River – All of this rain has produced great BWO and PMD hatches on the Firehole recently. Good fly fishing begins around 9am with Spinner Falls and lasts into the early afternoon or possibly later if it’s cloudy.  Your favorite PMD or BWO cripple pattern with a traditional presentation should produce trout. If it’s warm and sunny, think Caddis. Swinging soft hackles is a fun way to catch trout on these days.  Remember that if you see splashy rises or trout jumping out of the water for something, they are looking for Caddis.  Tan X-Caddis are always good here, but don’t forget about White Miller Caddis patterns as well… Madison River – there are Salmonflies flying here! As always, the Madison in Yellowstone can be a fickle fishery, so be prepared to fish the big dries, nymph, or swing soft hackles/streamers.  Don’t forget to cover some ground, the determined fisher is rewarded here.. Lewis Lake- this has been a very consistent fishery for us recently with both spin and fly gear. Best fly tactics on the lake consist of sink-tip and full-sink lines with leech patterns and streamers that imitate brown trout fry.  Try ledges/drop-offs, and the inlet and outlet areas for the most consistent fishing for Brown and Lake trout 14″-22″. Hatches are starting up here and the Browns are following the bugs to shallower water, making them more visible and bringing the sight-fishing game more into play. Stay tuned for further details.

Fly fishing Yellowstone National Park

Cooper gets it done on a recent Yellowstone fishing trip

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