Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report 6.26.10

Summer has finally arrived in Yellowstone National Park!  Temps in the low 70’s and sunny skies have the fish and bugs active on a number of streams and rivers.  The Firehole River continues to fly fish well during PMD emergences beginning arond 9am.  PMD Spinner falls coincide with the emergence so be prepared to fish both.  I like floating PMD nymphs and  Rusty Spinners #16-18.  Caddis flies are in abundance during the evening hours and look for Damsel flies mid-day. Fly fish the water upstream of Fountain Flats as below here is getting warm and alot of the fish will move upstream in search of cooler water temps.  The Madison is fishing similarly to the Firehole with Yellow Sallies flying in the areas where there is broken water, especially near the junction.  Now is also a good time to explore some of the Park’s smaller waters such as Nez Perce Creek, the Gibbon River or lakes such as Grebe or Wolf Lake. Lewis Lake has been good in the West Bays and Brookie Bay for Lake trout and Browns with Clouser Minnows and Black Leeches on sinking lines. This week should see the Callibaetis hatching on the lake and also in the Lewis channel.   The Lake outlet down to the waterfall will have hatches of Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies and a few Caddis and the brown trout will line up to feed on them all! 

Madison River in Yellowstone

Blue skies on the Madison River below Mt. Haynes.

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